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TIF board looking to fiber-optic conduit

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The Town of Chesterton is thinking about going high-tech.

More to the point, the Redevelopment Commission is making the moves necessary to use tax increment financing funds to finance the cost of installing fiber-optic conduit in the towns three TIF districts.

At a special meeting Monday night, members voted 5-0--they voted 5-0 three times--to amend the original declaratory resolution for each of the three TIF districts to include the installation of fiber-optic infrastructure as a TIF-eligible project.

Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann was very specific about what such a project would entail: the installation of just the conduit, not the fiber-optic cable itself, he said. The town would own the sleeve.

As it happens, the process to make the installation of fiber-optic infrastructure a TIF-eligible project is complicated and entails, among other things, an order to be issued by the Advisory Planning Commission approving the amended declaratory resolutions, the actual adoption of that order by the Town Council, and a public hearing before the Redevelopment Commission.

To shepherd the commission through that process, members voted 5-0 to retain the services of Shanahan & Shanahan, at a cost not to exceed $2,000.



Posted 5/14/2014




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