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New voting equipment leads list of County Council funding approvals

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The Porter County Council handled a number of budget transfers and additional appropriations in preparation for the end of the year at its meeting Tuesday night.

Highlighting the list of transfers were those requested by the Election Board: $141,450 from Polling Place Boards and $171,786.05 from Ballots and Coding to Equipment. These funds will be directed toward the purchase of new voting equipment to be used starting in the 2018 election cycle.

The Election Board also requested many smaller transfers, all to Equipment: $13,000 from Hourly, $40,000 from Absentee Board, $6,200 from Travel Board, $1,950 from Election Night Workers, $9,006 from Office Supplies, $25,000 from Food and Groceries, $399.40 from Training and Education, $1,464.66 from Travel, $1,896.77 from Legal Notices, $14,498.88 from Maintenance Agreements, $2,000 from Other Rentals, $16,000 from Contractual Services, and $1,360 from Contractual Attorney.

The Porter County Jail, for its part, requested a transfer of $58,200 from Contractual Services to Other Equipment to upgrade SWAT bullet proof vests that are set to expire.

Stormwater Management requested $50,000 from Culverts to Other Mobile Equipment to purchase a new 35-ton low boy trailer.

The Porter County Commissioners requested a transfer of $35,000 from Postage to Power, due to an increase in rate and usage. They also requested $10,000 from Telephone to Legal Notices.

The Parks Department requested a transfer of $30,000 Hourly to Advertising. Superintendent Walter Lenckos assured the council that there is enough left in hourly to carry them though the end of year, and added that the new advertising dollars will go toward increased efforts in digital marketing. He also requested $530 from water and sewage to workmans comp.

All transfers were approved.

Other transfers:

* Highway Department: $12,000 from Fuel and Oil to Uniforms and Clothing.

* Weights and Measures: $10,000 from Hourly to Equipment.

* Superior Court No. 2: $400 from Maintenance Agreements to Uniforms and Clothing, $4,000 from Equipment to Legal, $2,000 from Training and Education to Legal.

* Superior Court No. 3: $400 from Legal to Furniture and Fixtures.

* Health Department: $8,300 from salaries to Hourly.

* Juvenile Detention: $5,000 from Medical and Hospital Services and $2,500 from Consultants to Food and Groceries.

* Stormwater Management: $2,000 from Vehicle Repair to Advertising, $500 from Vehicle Repair to Telephone.

* Emergency Management: $553.97 from Siren Maintenance to Furniture and Fixtures.

Additional Appropriations

In other business, the Council approved an additional appropriation for the Commissioners of $3 million for the renovation of the front plaza of the administration building at 155 Indiana Ave.

The Commissioners reported that the construction will be weather dependent going forward, but it is ahead of schedule and under budget so far. They also requested $1 million to cover the costs of consultants for bond council services and design professionals.

Stormwater Management requested an additional appropriation of $1 million for construction and $300,000 for engineering consulting and design from Umbaugh Consulting Services.

The County Jail requested an additional appropriation of $30,000 for overtime to carry payroll through the end of the year. The Jail has had 23 officers leave within the year, and is currently down eight people.

The Sheriffs Department requested an additional appropriation of $29,850 for other equipment. Those funds will be used to buy TruNarc instruments, and the balance will be paid mostly by donations received from the County Substance Abuse Council.

Other additional appropriations:

* County Recorder: $3,000 for rebinding.

* Commissioners: $16,250 for contractual services, $13,388 for FICA, $19,600 for PERF, $175,000 for longevity, $35,502 for motor vehicles.

* Expo Center: $10,000 for advertising.

* Parks: $750 for consultants.

All requests were approved, except Adult Probations request for an additional appropriation to cover the cost of raising the salary for a new chief probation officer, which was tabled, due to lack of representation from Adult Probation at the meeting.



Posted 11/30/2017




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