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Locals join national Tax Day March

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Marchers carried signs saying "Show us your taxes" and "Tax Wall Street, Save Main Street," at Saturdays local Tax March. Many drivers honked and gave a thumbs up.

At noon, on Saturday, April 15, National Tax Day March, some forty demonstrators walked the block in front of Thomas Centennial Park with their signs. It was a sunny day and the mood was bright as demonstrators from Chesterton, Michigan City, Hammond, Jasper County and Merrillville met each other and joined in a common cause. A folk trio, composed of Indivisible members and Chesterton residents Julietta Raby, Marti Pizzini, and Ogden Dunes resident Dan Reynolds, led a sing-a-long with new words to old songs.

The Chesterton Tax March was organized by the Chesterton Resistance Meetup and supported by Indivisible NWI-Chesterton. Tax Marches were held across the United States on Saturday. Marchers urged Mr. Trump to share his tax returns and advocated for taxes to be fair, with corporations and the rich paying a fair share. And many marches also endorsed the principle of a "People's Budget", with tax money being used primarily to provide support for things real people need like health care, child care, education, good roads and safe bridges.


Posted 4/17/2017




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