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Please refer to Chesterton Tribune VOP article printed on July 13, 2023. Dear Marti Pizzini. I admire and support most of your VOP articles. Your comment “your life is over at age 17” puzzles me. According to the scriptures, the age of accountability to God is a lot younger than 17 years old. I concede you are much smarter than I am. but !he 17 year old’s life is not over. He has a chance to atone for his temptation and guarantee for himself an everlasting life in paradise without death. To learn more, refer to scripture “The wages of sin is death. This is a true story which occurred in Valparaiso some years ago. A very upscale real estate neighborhood occupied by very successful occupants were victims of vandalism by spoiled teen age children, who were apprehended. The chief of police Informed the parents by phone of the vandalism and allowed the parents to bail out their children so they don’t need to spend the weekend in jail. The doctor who was the father of one of the vandals asked the chief when the court date is scheduled. “Tuesday or Wednesday” he was told. “Protect him from harm and let him stay in jail,” he said. The Doctor practiced ” tough love,” familiar to all responsible parents. The former vandal today is a renown doctor following in the footsteps of his parents, both doctors. Nothing was lost, a new Doctor was gained. The two time 17 year old car jacker’s life could have ended very quickly if I was his victim. His parents may be partially responsible for his crimes. John Dunda Chesterton

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