Echoes of the Past

10 Years Ago

Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 – Porter’s Perfect Pint Festival tomorrow will be a fundraiser for the Porter Fire Department and the Porter Park Department. . . Thirty marching bands will participate in regional competition at CHS, hosted by the Music Department and the Band Boosters. . . Lydia Gill leads the offense for the CHS volleyball team’s win over Highland on Senior Night. Kate Nowak has 31 assists.

15 Years Ago

Monday, Oct. 16, 2006 – CHS boys soccer team wins its first regional championship with a 5-0 victory over Lowell. Richard Nava scores two goals and Wesley Phillips, Jordan Lewis, and Simon Jeffrey each score one. . . Sarah Cohn wins the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in Writing. . . CHS football team beats Merrillville 27-13 with touchdowns by Alex Beierwalter (2) and Mike Miller. . . CHS boys cross country team wins the regional championship. Chester Vanek is the first Trojan finisher.

25 Years Ago

Monday, Oct. 14, 1996 – Save the Dunes Council celebrates its 44th anniversary. . . Duneland YMCA announces that the 1997 raffle house will be built in the Villages of Sand Creek. . . CHS Trojan Guard is Grand Champion at the North Judson Bluejay Invitational. . . A “Northwest Indiana Discovery Walk” will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Distances range from two miles to 30 miles.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, Oct. 14, 1971 – The Burns Harbor Town Board directed its attorney to draw up an environmental control ordinance at its meeting last night. The board passed a resolution that said that since the county had failed to pass a county law to control the environment—controlling air and water pollution—the town would have to pass one for the town. . . The Porter County Plan Commission last night decided to use the more restrictive planned residential development procedure for a 45-acre combined apartment and mobile home complex in Liberty Township, rather than the less restrictive mobile home park procedure. The complex, Price Burns Harbor Estates, is proposed for 45 acres west of Liberty School on County Road 900 North and County Road 150 West. It would include 215 mobile home lots, 46 apartments in 16 buildings, four acres of recreation area, a sewage disposal plant, a swimming pool, and separate office and community buildings. . . The CHS football team puts its 6-0 record on the line tomorrow night at Portage. Also to be decided is whether or not the CHS squad will be the undisputed champ of the Duneland Athletic Conference. The Trojans are assured of at least a tie even with a loss because both Portage and CHS have won two games and Hobart and Valparaiso have each lost two. Portage is not to be treated lightly and for the moment is the team to beat in the minds of Chesterton’s players. . . Tonight’s TV Highlights: CBS Thursday Movie. “The Dirty Dozen.” First part of a rerun, set in World War II, about 12 soldiers convicted of murder and offered the opportunity for a more honorable death or a possible pardon if they train for a seemingly suicidal mission. With Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown.

100 Years Ago

Thursday, Oct. 13, 1921 – The arrest of Stanley Hopkins in Valparaiso last week forestalled a robbery in Chesterton, according to his confession. A loaded gun and a sack of shells was found on his person when he was searched. Hopkins confessed that he had robbed a home north of Valparaiso where he obtained two gold watches, gold cuff links, rings, and a pearl-handled knife. He told the officers that he had planned a robbery in Chesterton but did not know the name of the place. . . The slaying of Joseph Cuncinella, wealthy saloon man of Gary, in his automobile near Crisman, remains a mystery. His widow could offer no theory for the murder and has no suspicion of the murderers. Officials believe it was a Black Hand crime. . . Porter County people were given a glimpse into real army life when the 2nd and 3rd Infantry Regiments of the regular army from Camp Sherman, Ohio, en route to Fort Sheridan, Ill., and Fort Snelling, Minn., passed through the county. The contingent consisted of a 20-piece band, 500 men, 300 horses and mules, and 50 escort wagons. The mess wagons were steaming along the road with pots of food for the dinner meal. The soldiers camped Tuesday night on the farm of Harry Lenburg, a mile west of McCool. The camped Monday night about five miles west of LaPorte. . . The farmers of Porter County want a county fair. They intend to have a real one, too, next year. The fair will practically be made up of a group of smaller fairs, each township having its own exhibits and competing for the prizes. No doubt a fair of this kind will mean much hard work but the members are enthusiastic concerning its possibilities. . . Postmaster Charles L. Haslett has received instructions from the Post Office Department to inspect all rural routes leading out to Chesterton and make a report. All mail boxes must have a signal and not be in a leaky condition, have a door on the box with the name written plainly thereon, and be facing the road, not too far from the traveled road, conveniently located and easily and safely accessible for the delivery and collection of mail.

125 Years Ago

Saturday, Oct. 17, 1896 – A fellow known as “Bones,” who has made his home in Burdick off and on for the past year, accidentally shot himself Sunday. He has a mania for guns and generally has three or four horse pistols secreted in his clothes. One of these weapons dropped out of his coat as he was putting it on and falling on the floor was discharged. The bullet, a .32 caliber, entered his armpit and buried itself in his shoulder. The wound, though serious, is not fatal. . . William Heiden’s boy accidentally broke his leg Monday. It was not until the next day that it was discovered the leg was broken and a doctor called, the supposition being that the injury was only a sprain. . . Charles Bradley has been suffering with a piece of steel in his eye, which was removed by Dr. Callahan on Tuesday. . . The price of wheat is rising. It will not be surprising if it touches the dollar mark before the next crop. There is a big shortage in the world’s supply. . . Those people who do not lay in a plentiful supply of apples now that they are so cheap are making a mistake. Apples are an extremely healthy food and are exceptionally fine flavored this year. . . Farmers complain that they have no way of protecting themselves from the city people who at this time of the year make raids on their nut-bearing trees, and not satisfied with stripping such trees, enter the orchards and carry away apples and other fruit. They seem to be under the apprehension that the farmer has no use for such things and also has no right to object if the nut trees stand in the highway just outside of his fence. In this they are in error and should gain his consent before they despoil his property. . . There are whispers of a new club being organized in the near future to be composed exclusively of ladies, but of course this is a leap year and the young men will do well to keep sweet if they wish to be invited.

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