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Town Council awards four paving contracts

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The Chesterton Town Council has awarded four contracts for the summer paving season.

All of them are projects being partially funded by a 50/50 Community Crossings state infrastructure grant.

At their meeting Monday night, members voted unanimously to award the following three contracts to the lowest responsive and responsible quoter, Walsh & Kelly Inc.:

* 100E from 1100N to 1050N. Low quote: $83,218.40.

* West Porter Ave. from South Calumet Road to South Eighth Street. Low quote: $107,755.75.

* 15th Street from Woodlawn Ave. to Washington Ave. Low quote: $115,813.60.

Members also voted unanimously to award to Rieth-Riley Construction Company Inc. the contract for re-paving South Eighth Street from West Porter Ave. to Broadway. Low quote: $79,847.60.

The council will be opening bids on two other Community Crossings projects at its Feb. 25 meeting: South 11th Street from Park Ave. to 1100N; and the replacement of curbs on East Morgan Ave. from Coffee Creek Park to Roosevelt Street.

Special Projects Coordinator

In other business, members voted unanimously to open to all municipal employees a newly created part-time position: special projects coordinator.

The job description: the special projects coordinator will report to the Town Manager and Town Engineer for a wide range of projects intended to enhance Chesterton’s economic, beautification, and vitalization goals; projects can be proposed by anyone and will be vetted by the Town Manager and Town Engineer; once a project has been identified, the coordinator’s responsibility will be to facilitate it from concept design through completion, designating or identifying funding for the project, working closely with applicable department heads, seeking grant opportunities, and making status presentations.

Interested applicants must first confirm with their respective department heads whether they would have the time to serve as special projects coordinator. The council will make the appointment on an annual basis. The position pays $2,500 in the first year, with a bump in the second year based on performance to $5,000. Applications and resumes are now being accepted through Friday, Feb. 8.

Be Careful in the Cold

Member Lloyd Kittredge, R-2nd, took a moment at the end of the meeting to urge folks to take great care in the cold this week and noted that it only takes 10 minutes with a wind chill of -50 to sustain frost bite.

Kittredge in particular asked parents to be vigilant with children and pets.

Happy Anniversary, Bernie

Member Jim Ton, R-1st, also took a moment to wish Town Manager Bernie Doyle a happy 10th anniversary of his service to the town. “Thank you,” Ton said. “You’ve been a big contributor and we appreciate that.”

Kittredge added his own congratulations to Doyle.







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