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Splash Pad control vault back in the ground; systems being tested

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The splash pad at Chesterton Park remains closed to the public but it is being run periodically, as the Park Department tests its systems.

So Assistant Superintendent Shane Griffin reported at Monday night’s Town Council meeting.

The control vault--ejected from the ground in early in May under hydrostatic pressure by the heavy rains--has been re-sunk, after being anchored to a 56,000-pound concrete slab, and both plumbing and electric have been re-installed, Griffin said.

He was unable to say, however, when the splash pad will be re-opened for public use. “But it’s coming along.”

The Allure

In other business--and in what was essentially a meeting comprised of updates--Town Manager Bernie Doyle reported that he and Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell met last week with Troy Clark, the owner of The Allure, destroyed by fire early in the morning of June 3, about clearing the site.

“He’s still working with his insurance company, so it’s still sitting there,” Doyle said.

Doyle noted that Clark intends to rebuild the venue, and when plans for that project are completed they’ll first need to be approved downstate by the Plan Review section of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s Division of Fire and Building Safety.


Doyle also reported that the new restaurant at 600 Gateway, the two-story eatery dubbed Abbiocco/Luna, will open as soon as it receives its alcohol permit under the town’s Riverfront District designation.

Doyle said that the owner waited some time to apply for the license.

Municipal Blackmail

Finally, Doyle reported that the town is currently taking measures to prevent the town’s being victimized by hackers as LaPorte County recently was, when it was forced to pay $132,000 to regain control of its data.

Employees are undergoing additional training, Doyle said, and the town’s insurance agency, Anton Insurance of Chesterton, is providing quotes on coverage.

RR Quiet Zone

Meanwhile, Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann reported that he expects to receive responses in August to the town’s recently issued request for proposals on a railroad quiet zone engineering feasibility study.

Such a study is expected to detail how exactly the Downtown’s five grade-crossings need to be retrofitted before the Norfolk Southern agrees to designate the town a quiet zone, and how much the retrofitting will cost.

Building Commissioner Ordinance

Members did vote unanimously on first reading to approve an ordinance mandated by a recently enacted state law which requires municipalities to forbid their appointed building commissioners from undertaking any duties “in which (they have) a direct or indirect financial interest, including but not limited to a situation where the Building Commissioner would review or approve his or her own work performed for any person other than the town.”

Lukmann emphasized that passage of this ordinance is required by Senate Enrolled Act 142 and that conflict of interest is hardly an issue in the Chesterton Building Department.

CFD Bay Apron

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell, for his part, sought and was given approval to obtain quotes for the pouring of a new concrete apron in front of the Chesterton Fire Department’s bay doors. The concrete apron will replace the current asphalt one.

Estimate cost, in CEDIT moneys: $75,000 to $100,000.

The pour will be done in phases, O’Dell told the Chesterton Tribune after the meeting, but while the concrete is curing the CFD will enter and exit the bay through its rear doors.

Park Impact Fee

Advisory Committee

President Nate Cobbs, R-4th, re-appointed the following to the Park Impact Fee Advisory Committee, which will meet at 2 p.m. Thursday, July 25: former Park Board member Vince Emanuele, current Park Board Member Paul Shinn, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell, local real estate agent Paul Boyter, and Assistant Park Superintendent Shane Griffin.

Insurance Payment

Members voted unanimously to release a $7,461.13 insurance payment to the Chesterton Police Department to pay for body work to a squad car damaged recently by another motorist.

The squad car is being repaired by M&S Collision.



Posted 7/23/2019




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