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Burns Harbor Town Council gives paving updates

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Council member Ray Poparad said at the Burns Harbor Town Council’s meeting Wednesday that the Town is on the brink of finishing its priority road paving list.

It’s feasible if the Town gets enough Community Crossings grant funding in the next application cycle, that all the roads on the list can be done next year. The remaining roads are: Meadowbrook, Salt Creek Road, Rak Road, McCoy, Wahl Street (a portion), Oak Leaf Lane, and Forest Lane (a portion off of U.S. 20).

“If those get paved, then every road in Town’s been paved in the last four years,” Poparad said. Once those are complete, roads in older subdivisions will become priority based on condition.

Clerk-treasurer Jane Jordan confirmed that Global Engineering is preparing the next Community Crossings application, which is due on Aug. 2, and again seeking the top award of $1.3 million. Community Crossings Grants are a 75/25 match for Towns the size of Burns Harbor.

Current paving projects are wrapping up, with just some work left on Riverside and Castle. There is a bump and some rough road on N. Babcock because Walsh & Kelley ground it down by mistake, according to Street Superintendent Pat Melton. Melton said they smoothed it out on their own dime after they realized they went too far.

N. Babcock is part of the Town of Porter’s Community Crossings projects for this year. N. Babcock will be fixed when work begins on their projects in approximately one month.


The Council approved an additional appropriation of $67,300 from the Fire Non-Reverting Ambulance Fund to fund ambulance worker salaries. No one spoke for or against the additional appropriation in a public hearing. The Fire-Non-Reverting Ambulance fund contains the money brought in by the Town ambulance service.

Jordan reported Burns Harbor’s first property tax distribution came in a bit early this year--June 7. The Town collected 54.79% of its property taxes for the year.

Upcoming Park Events

The third youth archery event at Lakeland Park is scheduled for Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. The Burns Harbor Park Department’s Day Camp starts Monday, July 15 and runs through Friday, July 19. The Teen Beach Party at Lakeland is July 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. Council member Toni Biancardi reported the Town Picnic is scheduled for Aug. 25 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Lakeland.

Good of the Order

Council President Nick Loving reported the Town has ordered two mosquito sprayings: one was done before the Footloose 5k and another will be done ahead of the Town Picnic.

Loving also asked Melton to place a south-facing bike crossing sign on Babcock Road near its intersection with the bike trail. Loving said there is already a north-facing bike crossing sign on the Porter side of the road.

Council member Kevin Tracy reported the Knights of Columbus will be collecting donations for Opportunity Enterprises and the Share Foundation Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Ind. 149. The donations will be split evenly between the two organizations.

Other Approvals

The Council approved Building Commissioner Rob Wesley to get quotes for replacing rotted siding on the Street Department building and asked Wesley to look into minor interior improvements like painting. Wesley said he may replace the building’s T1-11 siding with vinyl siding.

On recommendation from the Redevelopment Commission, the Board approved an update of the Town’s Financial Incentive Plan for businesses, which was amended to remove references to Live, Work, Learn, Play initiatives that the Town is no longer pursuing.

The Council voted to pull the letter of credit for maintenance in phase 4A of the Village subdivision to fix some cracked curbs. Council Vice-president Eric Hull said the Plan Commission voted at its last meeting to pull the letter since the developer has been unresponsive about fixing these issues since April and the letter expires July 20.

Hull, who is also Plan Commission President, reported he has made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the developer. “His lack of communicating back leaves me no option but to kind of follow along with the will of the board, which is to call the letter,” Hull said. “Had I got a response back we could have a different conversation.”

Town Attorney Clay Patton said the developer was given a list of items that needed attention in phase 4A in April, and Patton heard from him recently. “He certainly knew by July 2 that this was an issue that needed his prompt attention,” Patton said.

“Let me add, if he reaches back, and we’re able to take care of this prior to the expiration, then we don’t have to go through this process,” Hull added. Hull said the work doesn’t have to be done before the letter expires, but proof that it is under contract would be enough cooperation.


Posted 7/12/2019




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