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State issues Porter County 2019 budget order

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The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has issued Porter County’s 2019 budget order, containing the approved budgets, levies, and certified tax rates for taxing units throughout the county.

Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik said the budget order shows that 2019 property tax rates will increase in all but six of Porter County’s taxing districts. The district tax rates combine the individual tax rates for each local government unit, such as schools and municipalities.

Urbanik noted that a higher tax rate does not always mean that an individual property tax bill will increase. Other factors affecting property tax bills include changes in an individual’s assessed value and property tax deductions.

Other highlights of the budget order:

* All of the county government’s budget totals were certified as adopted by the Porter County Council, with the exception of the Highway Department’s budget. The decrease is attributed mainly to a reduction in anticipated state Motor Vehicle Highway revenues.

* The budget order reflects a statewide change in school funds. Instead of having multiple individual funds, most schools now have only three or four funds for debt, education, and operations in addition to any voter-approved referendum funds.

* Urbanik also noted that the budget order was released earlier than in past years, due to the fact that the DLGF must now certify most budget orders by Dec. 31 instead of the prior deadline of Feb. 15.

“The earlier budget orders allow taxing units more time to make any necessary adjustments in their budgets,” Urbanik said. “The approved tax rates also clear the way for the County Auditor’s office to begin work on the 2019 property tax bills.”

The DLGF will post the 2019 budget orders online at

To view them, click on “County Specific Information.” The Porter County Auditor’s Office has also posted the budget order and the County government’s individual budgets online at


Posted 1/7/2019




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