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CPD: Two phony 20 bills passed at the Dollar Tree; Chicago woman charged

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A Chicago resident was arrested Thursday, Jan. 31, on a charge of counterfeiting, after Chesterton Police said that she passed two phony $20 bills at the Dollar Tree, 321 Indian Boundary Road.

According to police, at 7:42 p.m. a Dollar Tree employee reported that a woman subsequently identified as Ciara Paris Evans, 26, used a phony $20 to buy a pack of tissues for $1.07, then a second to buy an air freshener for $1.07. She then left the store, leaving three additional phony $20 bills on the floor.

Evans was located a few minutes later at the Speedway gas station at Indian Boundary Road and North Calumet Road, where she attempted to pass another phony $20 but was foiled when a clerk used a security pen on the bill, police said.

Evans advised police that she didn’t realize the bills were counterfeit and that she’d received them from “an unknown man while in Chicago as she was walking down the street and assisted this man in moving.”

Evans, however, was unable to provide the change just received in her transactions at the Dollar Tree, as she’d given the cash to her boyfriend, the driver of the car, identified as Mauriceo L. Ashford, 29, also of Chicago, police said.

Ashford, for his part, had $163 on his person but said that Evans had given him only about $3 in change from the Dollar Tree, police said.

Evans was charged with counterfeiting and Ashford with identity deception, after police said that he initially gave officers his brother’s name, police said.

Both were transported to Porter County Jail.

Police added that officers found an additional two counterfeit $20 bills under the passenger’s seat, ripped up. Evans advised police that she’d destroyed them after the Speedway clerk told her the bill she’d presented for a purchase was phony, ‘because she did not know what else to do.”


Posted 1/5/2019




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