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Chesterton Police seek to make emergency hire

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The recent resignation of Chesterton Police Cpl. John Carnahan prompted the Police Commission at its meeting Thursday evening to approve Chief Dave Cincoskiís request for an emergency hire.

Members voted unanimously to begin accepting applications immediately and for the next three weeks, from candidates who are already academy-certified and have a minimum of one continuous year of service with a law enforcement agency.

Under an emergency hire, a successful applicant who comes to the CPD as a full-time sworn officer with another department and who has graduated from an accredited academy would be immediately promoted to 1st Class officer after completing a six-month probationary period. Typically new hires must first complete probation--a six- to 12-month term--then serve at least another 12 months as a 2nd Class officer before being eligible for promotion to 1st Class.

Carnahanís resignation, inasmuch as it left a corporalcy open, also prompted the commission to promote Officer William Scheiderer to the probationary rank of corporal, effective Aug. 4. Cincoski said that Scheiderer is next on the corporal standings list.

New Hire

In other business, Cincoski announced the new hire of Eric Lisoski, who is expected to sign a conditional offer of employment next week.

Lisoski has multiple years of experience with the Trail Creek Police Department.

Lisoskiís hire will bring the CPD to its highest complement of officers in history--24--following the Town Councilís approval last year to grant Cincoskiís request to add another official roster position, so long as his budget could absorb it.

Street Dance

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to approve the closure of Broadway between Eighth Street and Chesterton Blvd. from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, for the Chesterton Fire Departmentís annual Street Dance fundraiser.


Members also voted unanimously to approve a police escort requested by American Legion Post 170 for a benefit motorcycle rally involving 50 to 100 bikers at 12 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10. The bikers will be leaving the Legion westbound on Wabash Ave., then northbound on Waverly Road heading finally for U.S. Highway 12.

With Gratitude

The commission took receipt of two thank-you notes, the first from the CHS summer school government class taught by Christine Bullock, expressing gratitude to Cincoski for his ďamazing presentationĒ to students.

The second, from John and Barbara Giarretta: ďOur family wishes to thank you fro the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and service.Ē

June in Review

In June the CPD responded to 533 calls (609 in May), filed 62 cases (59), issued 25 citations and 14 warnings (43 and 56), and investigated 31 accidents with five injuries (34 accidents with 10 injuries).

Calls for service in June included one report of shoplifting (zero in June), 74 suspicious vehicles or persons (88), eight thefts (six), 29 alarms (31), eight incidents of vandalism (seven), two overdoses (one), one train complaint (zero), three animal complaints (two), 101 traffic stops (139), 12 well-being checks (14), two missing persons (one), two reports of battery (seven), two burglaries (zero), 33 disturbances (25), five reports of fraud (two), one motor vehicle theft (one), two runaways (zero), and one report of a sex offense (two).


Posted 7/12/2019




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