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Indiana House panel makes big changes to casino move legislation

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- An Indiana House panel has made significant changes to a gambling bill that would allow one of Garyís casinos to move to Terre Haute.

The House Public Policy Committee voted 12-0 Wednesday to advance the amended legislation to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The legislationís changes include tough new requirements for Spectacle Entertainmentís plans to move one of its two Majestic Star casinos in Gary to Terre Haute and shift its second casino from Lake Michigan to an inland Gary location.

The changes would mean Spectacle Entertainment would be permitted to move that casino to an inland Gary location only if it pays the Indiana Gaming Commission $100 million, and gives up its second casino license. That license would then be auctioned off for a casino in Terre Haute.


Posted 4/1/2019




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