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Early voting is now underway

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Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson is reminding Hoosiers that early and absentee voting for the May 7 primary election began on Tuesday.

From now until May 6, eligible voters may cast an absentee ballot in-person at their county clerk’s office or request an absentee ballot by mail.

Voters who choose to vote absentee in-person have until 12 p.m. Monday, May 6, the day before the primary election, to cast their ballot.

Voters who choose to vote by mail may request an absentee ballot online at or from their county clerk’s office. Request for absentee ballots by mail must be delivered by April 29.

“Early voting and absentee voting give Hoosiers more options when casting their ballots and many take advantage of the opportunity,” Lawson said. “In the 2018 primary, we saw 861,767 Hoosiers vote early, and it is clear citizens value that flexibility.”

Military families are encouraged to remind those serving overseas to request an absentee ballot in advance of the deadline.

Hoosier voters can go to to view a sample ballot and check their voting locations.

“I encourage Hoosier voters to visit to educate themselves on who they’ll be voting for and where they’ll be voting,” Lawson added. “Municipal elections like this one cannot be overlooked. Local officeholders have an enormous impact on our everyday lives, and the act of voting is a vital component of keeping local government accountable.”

In Duneland voters may cast early ballots at the Chesterton town hall, 726 Broadway.


Posted 4/10/2019




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