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Candidates added to the field for Duneland municipal elections

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Dunelandís municipal elections have gotten interesting this week, with the revelation that more candidates have entered the field.

Dunelandís municipal primary had only one contested race, a Chesterton Town Council seat. Until this week, it appeared that the November election would be similar, with just the race for Chesterton Clerk-treasurer contested.

Since the July 3 deadline has passed for major party chairmen to fill ballot vacancies and independent/minor party candidates have begun filing, there is more competition in Beverly Shores and Burns Harbor, and Porter now has a contested race for the 4th District Town Council seat.

A new Democrat, Republican, and Independent have each joined the field in Beverly Shores, and a third Republican has joined the field in Burns Harbor. Currently, Dune Acres is the only Town where all candidates are incumbents. There are no new candidates in Chesterton.

Ballot vacancies can no longer be filled, except in the case of a candidateís death, withdrawal, or disqualification, and general filing has ended in Chesterton, Porter, and Burns Harbor.

However, major party candidates and independents in Beverly Shores, Dune Acres, and Town of Pines may still file for candidacy until Aug. 1, since those Towns have decided by resolution not to hold primary elections. According to Assistant Director of Porter County Elections Becky Rauch, all candidates will be known on that date.

The filings so far:

Beverly Shores

At-large (vote for 5): incumbent Geof Benson (D); John M. Blackburn (D); Susan H. Loeb (D); incumbent Matrona Malik (D); Thomas Webber (D); Michael Ganz (R); and Carol A. Westbrook (I).

Clerk-treasurer: incumbent Ellen Hundt (D).

Burns Harbor

At-large (vote for 5): incumbent Eric Hull (D); incumbent Nicholas Loving (D); incumbent Ray Poparad (D); incumbent Toni Biancardi (R); Roseann Bozak (R); Walter Macchiarella (R); and James P. McGee (R).

Clerk-treasurer: incumbent Jane Jordan (D).

Dune Acres

At-large (vote for 3): incumbent Peter Bomberger (I); incumbent Richard Hawksworth (I); and incumbent Alexander Sterner (I).

Clerk-treasurer: incumbent Jan Bapst (I).


1st District: incumbent Jim Ton (R).

2nd District: incumbent Lloyd Kittredge (R).

3rd District: Robert Allison (D).

4th District: Sharon Darnell (D).

5th District: incumbent Emerson Delaney (R).

Clerk-treasurer: Courtney Udvare (D) and incumbent Stephanie Kuziela (R).


1st District: incumbent Erik Wagner (D).

2nd District: incumbent Greg Stinson (D)

3rd District: incumbent William Lopez (D).

4th District: David Phillips (D) and Jim Burge (R)

5th District: incumbent Brian Finley (R).

Clerk-treasurer: incumbent Carol Pomeroy (R).

Ogden Dunes, Town of Pines

No filings as of deadline today.




Posted 7/11/2019




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