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Monarch habitat program Saturday at Chesterton Feed and Garden

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Join in for a monarch butterfly session with Jan Koss, a local treasure regarding all things Monarch. Koss will focus on creating a monarch habitat for home gardens at Chesterton Feed and Garden Center on Saturday, July 13, at 10 a.m.

Koss, a gold-level master gardener has turned her home landscape into a monarch haven, supplying the butterflies with inviting habitat that includes appropriate plant selection, water sources, and micro-environments to provide protection. Koss will be discussing specific plants that feed and nourish the monarchs, what to do right now to help the monarchs increase their population, including which plants to plant right now for the upcoming fall migration and in preparation for their spring return. Koss will also share tips and tricks for reattaching chrysalis that become unattached and how to spot problem situations and correcting them before they become an issue.

“Monarchs make an amazing journey every year. It’s nature at its finest. While they are here its to great to welcome them into your yard and garden,” said Chuck Roth, owner of Chesterton Feed & Garden Center. “It helps them and they will repay you with a summer full of beautiful fluttering wonder.”

Koss’s passion for monarchs began a long time ago. She was a key player in developing a Habitat for Humanity project entitled, “It’s My First Yard! What Do I do!” She also received the 2014 Shirley Heinze native award for best native home garden.



Posted 7/10/2019




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