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Local businesses offering deals to furloughed federal employees

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Several businesses in the community are now offering special deals for federal employees impacted by the partial government shutdown.

Duneland YMCA,

215 Roosevelt St.

The Duneland Family YMCA is offering free membership for furloughed federal employees: “If you’re not getting paid due to the government shutdown, work out at the Y for free. Current and new members affected will not be billed for the duration of the government shutdown. The offer will last 30 days past the day you go back to work. Visit the Y Welcome Center. The Y. We're here to help.”

Red Cup Cafe,

115 Broadway

From the Red Cup’s Facebook page: “I’d like to invite all federal workers to come in for a coffee and muffin, or lunch on me. Hope to see you soon.”

Val’s Famous Pizza,

112 S. 11th St.

From Val’s Facebook page: “After speaking with some of the regulars here, we’ve realized how the shutdown has affected many in our community here, particularly being so close to the National Lakeshore. Here’s how we’d like to help. If you can prove you’re a federal employee, we’ll give you two options for pick up and dine in: (1) Run a tab. When you get paid, then we can square up. (2) Pay today but take off the percent of your bill for the number of days the government is shut down up to (but hopefully not) 75 days, e.g., today is the 24th day, you get 24 percent off. Hopefully, this will allow a bit of normality and relief to our friends out there. Have a great day.”

Don Quijote Restaurante,

119 Lincolnway, Valparaiso

From Don Quijote’s Facebook page: “Don Quijote Rest. would like to invite federal workers and families to stop by and enjoy a warm cup of soup and a sandwich, any time.”



Posted 1/16/2019





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