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Festival of Magic will appeal to Harry Potter fans

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Prepare to be whisked away into the Magical World of Harry Potter with Running Vines Winery, of Chesterton, and Aftermath Cidery in Valparaiso. The celebration will be held over three days in these two locations this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 26-28.

Witches, wizards, and muggles of all ages are welcome to this family friendly event celebrating "The Boy Who Lived".

Participants may take part in activities such as the Carouser's Chart (a scavenger hunt for all non-magical folk), potions for all ages, a wizarding costume showcase, a pop-up Diagon Alley, photo booth, a visit to the owlery including workshops with Humane Indiana Wildlife, Quidditch Tournaments, live music and much more!

For tickets visit on Facebook or visit

Participating vendors include Red Cup Cafe, O’Gara & Wilson Ltd. Anitquarian Booksellers, Aster + Gray, Harvest Circle Workshop, Designer Desserts and Fluid Coffeebar.




Posted 7/26/2019




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