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Chesterton building activity drops by 38 percent in 2018

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Building activity in the Town of Chesterton dropped precipitously in 2018, following a banner year in 2017.

Last year the total value of all building projects in town--including new commercial and residential, commercial and residential remodels and additions, and home-improvement projects--was $40,892,757, a three-year low.

That figure compares to $65,616,014 in 2017, a drop of fully 38 percent; and to $53,666,963 in 2016, a drop of 24 percent. The total value of all building projects in 2015 was $33,475,082.

The Building Department issued a total of 1,161 permits in 2018 (1,268 in 2017, a decrease of 8 percent).

It collected $185,874 from building permit fees ($248,900 in 2017, a decrease of 25 percent).

And it generated total revenue from all sources--building permit fees, park impact fees, contractors’ registration fees, and other fees--of $412,633 ($524,666 in 2017, a decrease of 21 percent.


Highlighting 2017 were several high-profile, big-ticket commercial builds and additions: the Residences of Coffee Creek ($12 million); a strip mall featuring a rooftop restaurant on Gateway Blvd. ($1.4 million); and a manufacturing addition at Urschel Laboratories Inc. ($6.5 million plus a $800,000 parking lot expansion).

There was no comparable groundbreaking in Chesterton in 2018. There were, on the other hand, various remodels: Anytime Fitness ($250,000); McDonald’s ($200,000); First Partners LP ($135,000); Wise Guys Discount Liquors ($130,000); CVS ($126,000); Hogan Capital ($60,000); and Buck’s Heating & Air ($16,000).

Some numbers:

* Two permits were issued for commercial additions, total value $56,000 (four in 2017, $6,540,875).

* 13 for commercial remodels, $1,643,200 (13, $733,208).

* 24 for commercial parking lots, $729,100 (48, $1,638,740).

* 35 for commercial repair/replace, $891,905 (22, $239,161).

* 79 for signs and billboards, $252,443 (45, $183,613).


Meanwhile, the number of new single-family homes dropped by nearly a third: 63, compared to 89 in 2017, a decrease of 29 percent. Total value: $21,095,918 ($26,497,671 in 2017).

By the Tribune’s rough count, half of those homes--31--were built or are being built in the Morgan’s Corner neighborhood of Coffee Creek Center, south of Sidewalk Road and west of 200E.

Seventeen more were built in Easton Park, at the terminus of East Porter Ave. and 250E. When built out, Easton Park will be the largest subdivision ever developed in Chesterton, with 342 single-family units.

Eleven homes were built in the Estates of Sand Creek.

Three were built in Stone Meadows, south of 1100N and east of 23rd Street.

And one was built in Brassie Estates, north of the Brassie Golf Course and west of Pearson Road.

Five duplexes were also built in 2018, compared to seven in 2017.

Comprising fully 21 percent of the total building value in 2018--or $8,443,806--were the 70 new residential units constructed at the Eagle Crossing apartment complex, east of Kelle Drive and south of Rail Road. Over the course of the year, permits were pulled for three 12-unit buildings, two eight-unit, and five duplexes. Including the units built in 2017, a total of 134 have been constructed so far, with a total value of $16,623,536.

Home Improvement

* 274 permits were issued in 2018 for single-family repairs (282 in 2017, a marginal decrease of 3 percent), with a total value of $2,473,616 ($2,085,323, an increase of 19 percent). By the Tribune’s count, 145 were for roof work (118 in 2017), 55 for windows (62), and 17 for siding (21).

* 40 for single-family remodels (33), with a total value of $858,393 ($774,276).

* 83 for deck/porch/patio (88), with a total value of $374,096 ($464,566).

* 89 for fences (67), with a total value of $364,343 ($238,900).

* 17 for sheds (37), with a total value of $58,743 ($114,686).

* 12 for swimming pools (11), with a total value of $417,407 ($99,340).

* 181 for electric work (212), with a total value of $111,455 ($169,443).

* 120 for plumbing (139), with a total value of $278,825 ($99,340).

Code Enforcement

In 2018 the Building Department 229 violation notices (281 in 2017), filed 26 written complaints (38), issued five stop-work orders (five), issued five citations (two), and traveled approximately 11,000 patrols miles (9,000).



Posted 1/17/2019




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