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Stealing Iraq oil at heart of Bush foreign policy

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This Is Our Nation's Foreign Policy?

If this country's self-centered controllers retain their power, the U.S. will remain in Iraq for decades. Bush's number-one non-military objective is to force the Iraqi Parliament to surrender two-thirds of Iraq's OIL fields to private, foreign OIL companies, allowing corporations such as Exxon-Mobil to virtually STEAL Iraq's most valuable economic resource.

The U.S. is building the world's largest embassy on a 104-acre site in downtown Baghdad. And Halliburton is building fourteen new permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq to safeguard their plunder.

Is it an incredulous 'coincidence' that this 'war', in an OIL-rich nation, is being fought while our country is under the leadership of two former OIL men?

Currently 675,000 Iraqi civilians and some 3,900 U.S. soldiers have sacrificed their lives so power brokers can become wealthier and even more powerful. Now these schemers seem to be planning the same treatment of Iran.

We unconstitutionally, illegally, unjustifiably and immorally attacked another sovereign nation that in no way threatened, provoked or attacked the United States.

This is the most sinister, shameful, repulsive deception ever perpetrated upon the American people. It was never about bringing democracy to Iraq, nor establishing peace in the Middle East.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all their war-mongering friends deserve a special OIL-soaked, blood-stained corner of Hell where they can rot eternally, along with:

• 535 members of the most arrogant, contemptible, incompetent, self-serving, evil, cowardly, corrupt Republican-led Congress in U.S. history that stood by and watched Bush run rough shod over our Constitution. And

• 535 members of the most arrogant, contemptible, incompetent, self-serving, evil, cowardly, corrupt Democratic-led Congress in U.S. history that promised to end this vile 'war' if elected; to date - has done nothing to keep that promise.

And from the beginning of this war, our nation's media and religious pulpits let their nation down by keeping the public uninformed and preoccupied by focusing on glitzy mundane issues.

Gerald Hébert

Liberty Township


Posted 11/28/2007






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