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Waterpark to be replaced with luxury apartments

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A luxury apartment complex on par with Lakes of Valparaiso is planned for the site of the old waterpark at the northeast corner of Waverly Road and U.S. 20 in Porter.

Yesterday the Porter Technical Advisory Committee, which includes Building Commissioner Michael Barry, Town Planner Jim Mandon, Parks Director Brian Bugajski, and Police Chief Jamie Spanier, reviewed a site plan for the development with staff from Weiss Entities, the same Chicago-based developer responsible for Lakes of Valparaiso and other luxury apartment complexes in Merrillville and Lowell.

Weiss staff presented detailed plans for a 6,300-square-foot clubhouse and five four-story residential buildings with covered parking for almost every resident on the 18-acre site. The development will have between 250 and 318 luxury apartments and on-site amenities including a pool, a gym, a tennis/basketball court, and a dog run.

Phase 1 of the project calls for construction of the clubhouse, amenities, and three of the residential buildings with 246 apartments: 33 studios, 97 one-bedrooms, 98 two-bedrooms, and 18 three-bedrooms. Phase 2 calls for two more buildings with 72 more apartments: eight studios, 24 one-bedrooms, 28 two-bedrooms, and 12 three-bedrooms.

“Generally, there are things here superior to Lakes of Valparaiso,” said President of Weiss Entities Don Weiss. “This will be a unique building in all of Lake and Porter county.”

Weiss said his company focuses on the finishes. The apartments will have high-end features like granite countertops, quality hard flooring, and vaulted ceilings as high as 17 feet in top floor units. The tallest building will be 56 feet, and the development a showstopper drivers will see from Ind. 49, according to Weiss.

Weiss said rent at the new apartments will be comparable to Lakes of Valparaiso, and competitive with other luxury apartments in the area.

Weiss Entities Vice-president of Design and Development Bob Billick said the property will have two open water detention areas and two dry-bed detention areas for drainage, as well as its own lift station to pump sewage to a manhole just south of the development.

Landscape design is being done with a concerted effort to keep as many trees as possible and focus on planting native species, according to Billick. “There will be lot of tallgrasses, I wanted to speak to the area, to speak to the Dunes, and have a really strong connection to the Dunes,” he said.

There will be a total of 507 parking spaces--249 garage spaces and 321 uncovered. The first floor of each building will serve as a garage. Randy Peterson, civil engineer for Weiss, reported they’re proposing one road cut onto Waverly and another onto U.S. 20.

There are currently no plans to fence the entire property or to have a gatehouse, though Billick said the water features can be planned with a safety ledge around the perimeter. Weiss said fencing isn’t out of the question if the Town feels that’s best. The pool area will be fenced and secure.

Weiss staff will apply to rezone the property from business to residential use and will have to seek a six-foot height variance for the tallest planned building. Barry reported demolition and removal of the slides and park buildings isn’t slated to start yet.

Overall Weiss said he’s excited to work with Porter and to make sure the new development fronts U.S. 20 well. “We know this is a big deal for your Town, and this is a big deal for us,” he said.

Weiss said the development will be a landmark for the area, “This is going to look a whole lot better than what’s there now.”



Posted 10/4/2019




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