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Town of Porter seeks bids for 2017 road projects

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Town of Porter Director of Development Michael Barry issued the list of road projects the Town has planned for 2017 using matching funds from Community Crossings matching grant program with the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Bids will be accepted through next Tuesday, June 13, at 3:30 p.m. at the Porter Town Hall. The bids will be read at 4 p.m. and later presented at the Porter Town Council meeting at 7 p.m. for its consideration.

Most of the projects will be “mill and fill” of 2” asphalt, said Barry, and some include 2” overlay. Project #9 in Porter Cove will mainly be crack sealing, he added.

Project #1 consists of Waverly Rd., from Burwell Dr. to Roskin Rd. intersections; Wabash Ave., from Roskin Rd. to Duneland Dr.; Johnson Beach Rd., from Wabash Ave. to State St.; and Roskin Rd., from Waverly Rd. to West Parking Lot.

Project #2 consists of Oak Hill Rd., from Wagner Rd. to West U.S. 12.

Project #3 consists of Wagner Rd., from U.S. 20 to Oak Hill Rd.

Project #4 consists of Bailey Drive North, from Fleming St. to the end of the road; Bailey Drive South, from Waverly Rd. to the end of the road.

Project #5 consists of Hjelm Rd., from Waverly Rd. to the end of the road; Hjelm Rd., from Main St. to the east end of the road; and Ryan Ct., from Hjelm Rd. to the end of the road.

Project #6 consists of Parc Aux Vaches Dr., from Wagner Rd. to Jean Baptiste Dr.; Jean Baptiste Dr., from Arbre Croche Ct. to cul-de-sac; Arbre Croche Ct., from Jean Baptiste Dr. to cul-de-sac.

Project #7 consists of Bote Dr., from Wabash Ave. to Dudley Drive; Glacier Trl., from Bote Dr. to Duneland Dr.

Project #8 consists of Dunes Meadow Dr., from Oak Hill Rd. to Wagner Rd.; Cul-de-sac, from Dunes Meadow Dr. to end of the road.

Project #9 in the Porter Cove Subdivision consists of Essex Dr., from Pearson Rd. to Port Cove Dr.; Port Cove Dr., from Essex Dr. to Pearson Rd.; Admiral Dr., from Port Cove Dr. to end at cul-de-sac; Dixon Pkwy., from Admiral Dr. to Essex Dr.; David Blvd., from Port Cove Dr. to Dixon Pkwy.; Commodore Ln., from Dixon Pkwy. to end at cul-de-sac; Cove Cir., from Dixon Pkwy. to end at cul-de-sac; and Keel Pl., from Commodore Ln to end at cul-de-sac.




Posted 6/5/2017





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