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Porter leaf pickup starts October 26; only leaves in the piles; burning prohibited

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Leaf collection will begin in the Town of Porter on Monday, Oct. 26, and continue until the first accumulating snow of the winter.

So Public Works Superintendent Sarah Olson announced at Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting.

Leaves must be raked to curbside and must be separated from brush, or crews will not collect them, Olson said.

That’s the first thing.

There are two other things, equally important:

-- Do NOT put cinder blocks, engine blocks, or other similar instruments of sabotage in the leaf piles, Member Greg Stinson said. “Nothing that can cause injury to an employee or damage to our equipment. It happens every year. Some idiot down the street somewhere puts a crowbar in a leaf pile.”

-- Do NOT burn your leaf piles, Fire Chief Jay Craig said. “You can’t burn leaves in the Town of Porter or in Porter County. There’s no open burning permitted. I ask you strongly to abide by this. Because those 911 calls take up firefighters’ time when they could be with their family or responding to other calls.”



Posted 10/14/2020




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