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Two percent raises for Chesterton town workers in 2019

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The Chesterton Town Council voted unanimously at its meeting Wednesday night to approve an across-the-board 2-percent wage hike for municipal employees in 2019.

The only exception: full-time Street Department employees were granted scheduled raises ranging from 4.31 percent to 6.86 percent.

Town Council members, Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela, and board and commission members did not receive raises under the 2019 Salary Ordinance.

Annual salaries, stipends, and retainers for department heads and other select employees:

* Town Council member: $4,835.

* Plan Commission member: $1,320.

* Board of Zoning Appeals member: $1,320.

* Utility Service Board member: $3,033.

* Clerk-Treasurer: $55,210.

* Town Manager: $82,769.98.

* Town Engineer (plus MS4 Superintendent, and Utility Engineer: $98,557.13.

* Police Chief: $71,773.73.

* Fire Chief: $71,773.73.

* Street Commissioner: $76,355.32.

* Park Superintendent: $59,112.02.

* Utility Superintendent: $88,258.56.

* Town/Utility Attorney: retainer of $23,657.


In other business, members unanimously elected Member Nate Cobbs, R-4th, to the presidency of the council in 2019; and Member Dane Lafata, D-3rd, to the vice-presidency.

Cobbs, taking the gavel, then announced his presidential re-appointments to the Redevelopment Commission: Lafata, fellow Council Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, and Nick Walding. The council as a body then elected Jeff Trout (re-appointment) and Lynda Schoberth (new appointment) to the Redevelopment Commission.

Other appointments:

* To the Chesterton Economic Development Company: Jim Ton (presidential re-appointment); and Richard Riley (council re-appointment).

* To the Stormwater Management Board: Tom Kopko (presidential re-appointment).

* To the Utility Service Board: John Schnadenberg (council re-appointment).

* To the Tax Abatement Advisory Committee: Robert Allison, Phoebe Jane House, Stephanie Kuziela, Dane Lafata, and Lynda Schoberth (council re-appointment).

The council also voted unanimously to re-appoint all department heads.

More appointments will be made in the New Year, to the Police Commission and Tree Committee, following interviews of seven candidates scheduled for 5:15 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14.

Finally, members voted unanimously to appoint, on a temporary basis, Rod Corder to the BZA, to replace Kim Goldak, who for personal reasons will be unable to attend the January, February, and March meetings.


Posted 12/27/2018




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