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Town enters wetland mitigation as part of 1100N sidewalk project

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Work on Phase II of the Westchester-Liberty Trail continues, with the Town of Chesterton entering into a wetlands mitigation agreement, in advance of its expected disturbance later this year of a designated wetland along 1100N as part of the sidewalk project.

At the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, members voted unanimously to enter into the agreement, under which the town will purchase 0.91 acres in a wetlands mitigation “bank” located in Lake County, at a price of $19,000.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the council that wetlands mitigation is required under the permit issued to the town by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Phase II of the Westchester-Liberty Trail provides for the continuation of an eight-foot sidewalk along the north side of 1100N from Rosehill Estates to 11th Street; and on the south side of 1100N from 11th Street to Fifth Street.

The area immediately west of 11th Street, however, is a designated wetland, a portion of which will be disturbed in the course of building the sidewalk.

The town has received grants for the project totaling $1,074,394 from the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission and a $188,230 engineering contract was awarded to American Structurepoint Inc. in September 2014.

The project could be let later this winter or early in the spring, with construction to be completed possibly this fall.

Sick-day Buy-back

In other business, members voted unanimously to authorize the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office to “buy back” from municipal employees their unused sick time from 2016.

New Personnel

Policy Handbook

Members also voted unanimously to adopt a new Personnel Policy Handbook. The new edition has been amended to address three subjects in particular: the reporting of job-related injuries; major medical leave; and the use of computers and e-devices.



Posted 1/24/2017




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