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Town, Duneland Schools split cost of flashers at W. Porter/11th

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The intersection of West Porter Ave. and South 11th Street is always a good one for motorists to avoid during the morning and afternoon rush hours, congested as it is by parents driving their children to school and by the school buses themselves.

But kids walking north to CMS or south to WIS and CHS have no real choice in the matter: they have to cross West Porter Ave.

As Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg noted at Monday night’s meeting of the Town Council, there is a striped crosswalk on West Porter Ave., but Duneland school bus drivers have been reporting that kids were having a difficult time actually getting across the street because motorists--despite a state law requiring them to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk--haven’t been doing so.

So the Street Department and the Duneland School Corporation have split the cost of installing LED flashers at the crosswalk, on both sides of West Porter Ave., which kids can activate simply by pushing a button.

Those flashers remain activated long enough for the kids to cross safely, then go dark again.

The cost of the project: around $3,000 each. Schnadenberg said the some $4,000 was saved by the Street Department’s in-house installation of the flashers.

The flashers, as it happens, are solar powered, which means that town won’t be paying electric on them.

Schnadenberg did want to remind folks of the state law: when a child is in the crosswalk and the flashers are activated, motorists are obligated to stop.

Abatement Renewed

In other business, members voted unanimously to renew the 10-year tax abatement--entering its seventh year--for the Addison Pointe Heath & Rehabilitation Center, 780 Dickinson Road.

Associate Julie Paulson told the council that a review of Addison Pointe’s statement of benefits found it to be “in substantial compliance.”

In the seventh year, Addison Pointe has an abatement of 40 percent and will pay a property tax of $126,470.

The abatement will drop to 10 percent in its 10th and final year.

Permit Fees Waived

Meanwhile, members voted 3-0 to waive the building permit fees for the four residential rehab projects in town slated for Rebuilding Together Duneland, on Saturday, April 27.

Heather Compton, president of Rebuilding Together Duneland, said that a total of 12 houses will be rehabbed throughout Duneland. Most of the rehab on the Chesterton houses is interior work, with one of them scheduled to get a new roof.

Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, abstained from the vote, as he is serving as a house captain this year.

Arbor Day Resolution

Members also voted unanimously to adopt the annual Arbor Day resolution, which proclaims Saturday, April 27, Arbor Day in the Town of Chesterton, and the week of April 22-27 Urban Forestry Days in the town.

In connection with the town’s celebration of Arbor Day, it has also received its 23rd consecutive Tree City USA designation, Schnadenberg announced.

For nearly a quarter of a century Chesterton has met the four Tree City USA requirements: having a Tree Board as well as a tree ordinance; observing Arbor Day by proclamation; and fielding an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita.


Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported that he and his staff are now conducting a final inspection of the StoryPoint senior residential facility at 700 Dickinson Road, and that he expects the Building Department to issue an occupancy permit to StoryPoint in the next few weeks.

“It’s all going really well,” O’Dell said.

Old Truck Sold

Members voted unanimously to sell a 2002 Ford F550 Super Duty truck declared surplus to Ray Poparad, for his high bid of $5,182.75.

Only one other bid was received, in the amount of $1,527.



Posted 4/9/2019




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