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Town Council sets town auction for September 19

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The Town of Chesterton will hold its annual municipal auction on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the Street Department, 1490 Broadway.

Viewing will begin at 6 p.m.; the auction itself, at 7 p.m.

A list of items on the block will be released as departments declare them surplus.

The auctioneer: James Waggoner, whose contract the Town Council voted unanimously to approve at its meeting Monday night. Under the terms of that contract, Waggoner will be paid 15 percent of the gross sales plus $600 for advertising.

Sidewalk Waiver

In other business on Monday, members voted unanimously to grant the petition of William Bennett Jr. for a waiver from the Town Standard requiring the installation of a sidewalk in front of all new construction.

Bennett has built a duplex at 110-12 S. 14th St., in an older neighborhood without sidewalks.

On reviewing Bennett’s petition, staff concluded that “it’s not prudent or necessary to put a sidewalk” in front of the new duplex, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported, and added that it’s unlikely the town will ever build sidewalks in that neighborhood.

Minimum Standards


Members also voted unanimously to grant the petition of John Brady for permission to reduce by six feet the distance of a new driveway from his property line, 1155 Kilarney Road.

Brady sought the waiver in order to build a wider driveway better able to serve a three-car garage.

“Now the driveway can line up a little better with the garage,” said President Jim Ton, R-1st.

More Digital Storage

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to amend its contract with IT provider GGNET Technologies, after the town exceeded its four terabyte storage limit.

Town Manager Bernie Doyle told the council that, under the amendment, the town will have eight additional terabytes of storage, at a cost of $30 per month per terabyte or a total of $240 per month.

Flu Shots

Members voted unanimously as well to provide flu shots to municipal employees at a cost of $28 per inoculation.

Contract for Gateway

Blvd. Reconfiguration

Earlier in the evening, at a special meeting, the Redevelopment Commission voted unanimously to award the contract for the Gateway Blvd. reconfiguration to low bidder Walsh & Kelly Inc.

Walsh & Kelly submitted a bid of $168,948.05 for the job; the only other bidder, Rieth Riley Construction, a bid of $230,800.

The point of the reconfiguration is to remove the bottleneck--formed by the median islands--which pinches the four westbound lanes of Gateway Blvd. at the roadway’s mouth on Ind. 49 to two lanes just east of the Speedway, resulting in long stacks of traffic at rush hour.



Posted 8/15/2017




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