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Schnadenberg reports cost of clearing the snow about 1000 per inch

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So what did it cost the Town of Chesterton to clear the roadways of snow after the season’s first big storm?

About a grand per inch.

That’s Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg’s calculation, after he ran the numbers on the man-hours and materials deployed between 11 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 31, and 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 2.

As Schnadenberg reported to the Town Council at its meeting Monday night, Street Department personnel racked up 309 total man-hours and drove 1,275 plow-miles., expending 438 gallons of diesel fuel and 125 tons of salt.

Total cost: around $17,000. Total inches: around 17. Figure $1,000 per inch of snow. “We can feel for the people of Boston,” Schnadenberg said. “They’re at 74 inches already this winter.”

While he was at it, Schnadenberg took a moment to thank everyone who contributed to the effort: the Police Department for getting vehicles removed from the street so plows could work more effectively; the Fire Department for clearing area around the town hall; the Park Department and Utility for tasking employees to snow removal; and to Town Engineer Mark O’Dell who took a hand at plowing on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I want to thank the other departments for helping,” Schnadenberg said. “It’s gone. It’s forgotten. But it was a rough couple of days. It was a lot of snow and we appreciate the help.”

Out to Bid

In other business, and at Schnadenberg’s request, members voted 5-0 to go out to bid for a new dump truck, to replace a 16-year-old GMC model currently in the fleet. Bids are scheduled to be opened at the council’s March 23 meeting and the low bid awarded at its April 13 meeting.

Schnadenberg figures it will take at least six months to take delivery of the truck after the bid is awarded.

The estimated cost of the new truck: $160,000. It will be purchased on a lease-purchase contract.

Duneland Schools Rep on Redevelopment

President Sharon Darnell, D-4th, re-appointed Duneland School Board Member Mike Trout to serve as the Redevelopment Commission’s non-voting advisor.

The appointment is a two-year one and Trout is the incumbent.

Under Indiana Code, Trout may participate in discussions, offer his opinion, and in other ways represent the interests of the Duneland Schools but he may not actually vote.


Members voted 5-0 to accept the following liaison posts this year: Jim Ton, R-1st, to the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission; Lloyd “Buck” Kitteredge, R-2nd, to the Stormwater Utility, the Fire Department, and the Engineering Department; Nick Walding, R-3rd, to the Street Department; Darnell, to the Utility and the Park Department; and Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, to the Police and Fire departments.

Poppy Days

By consensus members authorized American Legion Post 170 Auxiliary to hold its annual Poppy Days fundraiser May 15-16.



Posted 2/10/2015




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