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Schnadenberg releases paving sidewalk project lists to council

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg is looking to re-pave a lot of streets in town this year, in addition to the six major roadwork projects being funded this year by a 50/50 Community Crossings state infrastructure grant.

At Monday night’s Town Council meeting, Schnadenberg released his paving wish list, which he noted “is in no particular order.” These projects will be funded with revenues from the $1.8-million general obligation bond issued last year--and with tax increment financing moneys when eligible--and will be prosecuted as time and weather permits:

--Pearson Road from the Prairie Duneland Trail south to Niblick Ave. by the entrance to the Brassie Golf Course. Schnadenberg told the council that he’s been holding off re-paving Pearson Road, in the expectation that continued home-building at the Brassie Estates--and the heavy construction equipment accompanying the home-building--would damage a newly re-surfaced road. But there’s been no sign that Phase II of Brassie Estates is in the pipeline.

--The municipal parking lot behind the Duneland Chamber of Commerce building all the way west to North Fourth Street.

--Washington Ave. from 14th Street to South Jackson Blvd.

--Mississinewa Road.

--Coffee Creek Road.

--Hogan Ave.

--The east end of Fox Point Drive from Chestnut Blvd. approximately 1,500 feet.

--Old Farm Lane.

--Cobblestone Court.

--Briarcliffe Court.

--Westchester Ave. from South Jackson Blvd. to 19th Street, including the dead-end of 18th Street.

--East Oakhill Road, in a joint project with the Town of Porter.

--West Indiana Ave. from Third Street to Fifth Street.

--The north side only of West Indiana Ave. from Fifth Street to Chesterton Blvd.

--1050N from Kelle Drive to 200E.

--200E from 1050N to Harrington Ave.

--Dickinson Rod from East Porter Ave. south 1,300.

--Aherns Drive.

--Sand Creek Drive North from Sandpiper Drive to Michael Drive.

Sidewalk List

Schnadenberg also submitted his revised three-year sidewalk wish list. As usual, he asked the council to approve an annual sidewalk expenditure of $30,000 from the town’s proceeds of the riverboat casino tax.

The sidewalks which Schnadenberg wants to replace over the next three years:

--Several sections along the east side of Fifth Street, from Bailey Elementary School to Grace Lane.

--Several sections along the west side of Fifth Street by Westchester Intermediate School.

--Along Second Street, from 740 S. Second St. to Washington Ave.

--Areas along West Porter Ave. from Fifth Street to Eighth Street.

--East Indiana Ave. from Wilson Street to Landman Street.

--West side of Landman Street from East Morgan Ave. south to the alley.

--West side of Third Street from West Porter Ave. north to the alley.

--West side of Fourth Street from West Morgan Ave. south to Lincoln Ave.

--North side of West Indiana Ave. from Sixth Street to 15th Street.

--East side of South Calumet Road from East Porter Ave. to Jefferson Ave.

Trip Hazards

Finally, Schnadenberg requested an additional $12,000 to continue the trip hazard grinding program.

This year the grinder will finish working on trip-hazard sidewalks in the Tanglewood subdivision and begin on those in the Golfview Estates subdivision.



Posted 5/14/2019




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