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Residents asked to comment on Chesterton Parks present and future

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The Chesterton Park Department is inviting folks to complete a brief online survey on their use of, and their preferences for, the town’s recreational facilities.

The data compiled from the survey will be used to fine-tune the next Five-Year Master Plan to be submitted to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

That plan is being prepared by Lehman & Lehman Inc., a landscape architecture consultancy.

The survey is available online at

A link to the survey has also been posted to the Park Department’s Facebook page. Scrowl down to Jan. 14.

The purpose of the survey, as explained by Lehman & Lehman: “This survey was specifically created to gather information from residents to learn more about the recreational interests and to provide an opportunity to express opinions concerning the programs, activities, and the quality of the parks within the Chesterton community. Fiscal responsibility and efficiency through proper planning are very important to the Chesterton Park Board and staff.”

Among the questions:

--How often do you use or visit Chesterton Parks?

--Which Chesterton Parks do you frequent the most?

--Which of these best describe the Chesterton Parks now? (natural areas, solitude, playfields, picnicking/shelters, community special events, etc.).

--How do you receive information about programs and park facilities? (word of mouth, website, mailings, newspaper, park office, etc.)

--Should Chesterton government increase efforts into protecting open space? Seek grants to buy land or development rights to preserve open space? Require that new developments must include a percentage of permanent open space? Develop more bicycle paths? Develop more trails for walking or cross-country skiing? Use taxes to buy land to preserve open space? Use taxes to acquire more recreational land.

--Should the town expand public spaces in, or near, the Downtown area for greater opportunities for public engagement, festivals, and economic growth?

--Should the town expand the trails system?

--Check up to five facilities or services important to the community, and to you: family aquatics or water park, developing existing and underdeveloped properties, additional land for natural areas and preservation, joint activities with county and city agencies, leisure/active recreational programming, trail connections to all parks, large rental hall facilities, senior programming, adult programming, teen and children’s programming.

--How should Chesterton Parks generate additional revenues? (increase user fees, issue a general obligation bond, hotel/motel tax funding, food and beverage tax).

--What should be the Park Department’s top facilities priority to complete within the next five years? (pathways, playgrounds, shelters, etc.)

--What should be the Park Department’s top services priority to complete within the next five years (arts and crafts, children’s, teen, adults, and seniors programming, additional festivals, etc.).

--How engaged are you currently with the Park Department’s facilities and/or services (no engagement, hostile, angry, detached, bored, neutral, curious, engaged, committed, love, total engagement).

--What do you perceive to be the benefit of the town’s parks? (economic growth, quality of life, connectivity, health & wellness, tourism, environmental stewardship, sense of community).



Posted 3/4/2020




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