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Replacement of Downtown sidewalk to be expedited in run-up to Euro Market

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At its February meeting, the Chesterton Redevelopment Commission gave Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg the green-light to replace the crumbling sidewalk and curb on the north side of Broadway--much of it adjacent to Thomas Centennial Park--between South Calumet Road and the Duneland Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

The concrete there is old, may pre-date World War II, and needs to go. But it won’t be easy, as the curb is actually part of the roadway itself, the two were poured together, and it will need to be saw-cut.

Which will take some time.

But the opening day of the European Market, Saturday, May 2, is fast approaching, so Schnadenberg is planning to do the work in phases, so as to minimize the impact on parking and pedestrians.

As he told the Town Council at its meeting Monday night, the plan right now is saw-cut the entirety of the curb, from the Chamber lot to South Calumet Road, then to remove and replace the concrete first between the parking lot and Second Street, and after that between Second Street and South Cal.

“There may be some impact at the beginning” of the European Market, Schnadenberg said, but he assured members that he wants to get the work done just as fast as they do.

Members voted unanimously to authorize Schnadenberg to obtain quotes for the job, the cost of which he’s estimated at $30,000.

Leaf Vac

In other business, members also voted unanimously to authorize Schnadenberg to purchase a new leaf vac--as previously discussed--for the low quote of $55,950 from Brown Equipment of Fort Wayne.

Schnadenberg solicited three quotes and got two. The higher quote: $57,745.

Grapple and Dump Trucks

Meanwhile, Schnadenberg reminded members that at their next meeting, March 23, they’ll be taking receipt of quotes for a new grapple truck and will be opening bids for a new dump truck.


Posted 3/10/2015




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