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NIRPC officially approves funds for Phase III of 1100N sidewalk

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About a month after the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission gave a high grade to Phase III of the Westchester-Liberty Trail project--which will complete construction of the eight-foot sidewalk along 1100N from the South Fifth Street to 100E--NIRPC has officially approved 80/20 funding for Phase III.

So Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported to the Park Board at its meeting Tuesday night.

O’Dell emphasized that NIRPC has not yet formally scheduled release of the funds. An initial grant for engineering could be made available this year or next, while one for actual construction activity might be available in 2022.

In any case, O’Dell told the board that he will soon ask the Town Council to approve a CEDIT line item of $128,500 to use as a match for any start-up funds which might be released this year for Phase III of the Westchester-Liberty Trail.

Phase III--with an estimated cost of $1,406,250--will continue the eight-foot sidewalk on the north side of 1100N from South Fifth Street to 100E. Approximately halfway between the two intersections a spur on the south side will be built leading from park property into the Tamarack subdivision, then continuing through Tamarack--on widened sidewalks--to 100E where it meets Rail Road, thus effectively linking Dogwood Park, and the Prairie Duneland Trail to the north of it, with Coffee Creek Center.

A crosswalk from the north side to the south will be striped on 1100N and adequate signage and warning lights added as well, O’Dell said.



Posted 4/3/2019




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