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Gateway Blvd. reconfiguration to begin this week

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Work could begin this week on the reconfiguration of Gateway Blvd. immediately east of Ind. 49.

So Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported to the Redevelopment Commission at its meeting Monday night.

The first phase of the project: the demolition of the curbs in the two concrete median islands which are responsible for the rush-hour bottleneck in the first place, by pinching the four westbound lanes of traffic into two lanes just east of the Speedway.

The $168,948.05 contract was awarded to low bidder Walsh & Kelly.

O’Dell noted that Urschel Laboratories Inc. as well as other businesses in the area have been notified that work is imminent.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg added that the project is not expected to interfere with traffic on Gateway Blvd. “Traffic should be able to flow to any business,” he said. “That’s the good thing about this project. This should not inhibit anyone from getting to any business whatsoever.”

Signage at 1100N/100E

In other business, Chesterton Economic Development Corpora-tion President Jim Ton proposed, from the floor, the use of tax increment financing funds to design and erect a directional sign at the northwest corner of 1100N and 100E alerting out-of-town visitors to the Downtown Business District.

Given the many visitors to Chesterton--entering town through its rear door, so to speak, 1100N--for events at Chesterton High School and Dogwood Park in particular, Ton thinks that a sign at the intersection pointing visitors north on 100E and then on South Calumet Road would have the potential of capturing a good bit of out-of-town traffic.

“I like the concept,” Member Emerson DeLaney said. “There’s a lot going on at that intersection, if you’re not from the community.”

Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann did express one cautionary note: that he will need to review the legalities of using TIF funds for such a sign. It’s possible that a sign along the lines of the one described by Ton might not be a TIF-eligible project.

Members did vote unanimously to instruct staff to investigate the feasibility of such a sign, pending the results of Lukmann’s review.



Posted 8/29/2017




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