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Friday September 1 is Disabled Veterans Forget-Me-Not Drive Day in Chesterton

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Friday, Sept. 1, will be Forget-Me-Not Drive Day in the Town of Chesterton.

Funds raised on Forget-Me-Not Drive Day benefit Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

At its meeting Monday night, the Town Council unanimously adopted a resolution proclaiming Sept. 1 Forget-Me-Not Drive Day.

Excerpts from the resolution:

The DAV “is an organization chartered by the U.S. Congress to help the wounded and disabled veteran following WWI . . . . (which) enlisted the aid of the general public in waging the battle for justice still being fought by thousands of unfortunate disabled veterans whose claims for government treatment and compensation had been denied because of deficiencies in the law or of the evidence submitted by them . . . .

“The Disabled American Veterans and their Auxiliary recognized the ‘Forget-Me-Not’ flower which grew out of the image carried home from the World War in the memories of soldiers who had seen spring flowers growing among the graves of comrades killed in the fighting . . . .

“The flower soon became the living history symbol for commemorating those who had fallen or returned home injuries with the message ‘Please don’t forget me,’ reminding us continually of the service and sacrifice that makes our way of life possible . . . .

“This symbol of remembrance has been the staple of chapter-level fundraising efforts that provides non-governmental assistance to our local disabled veterans and their families as a grass-roots initiative.”

Sponsoring the Forget-Me-Not Drive Day on Sept. 1 in Chesterton will be DAV Northwest Indiana Chapter 102.


Posted 8/15/2017




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