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European Market slow to return to 'normalcy'

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Until Saturday, July 4, the European Market in Downtown Chesterton was limited--under a resolution adopted by the Town Council in May--to a maximum of 86 “units of people,” the number who could reasonably be expected to social-distance in the confines of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce’s parking lot at 220 Broadway.

On Saturday, however, the European Market expanded its footprint for the first time this season into Thomas Centennial Park, and capacity--again, per the resolution--has been upped to 250 people.

So Chamber President Maura Durham reported to the Park Board at its meeting Tuesday evening.

At several times on Saturday, the new capacity of 250 was reached, Durham said, and though she had been hoping to see 1,500 or so attend the European Market, the 1,000 who did made a respectable crowd nevertheless.

“Social-distancing has worked,” Durham told members. “We’re counting people in and out. People have been pretty amicable and appreciative. It’s been going pretty smoothly.”

Forty vendors showed up this past Saturday, Durham noted, while 45 should be on hand next Saturday. The Chamber is also considering the ways and means of expanding the European Market across Broadway to its accustomed half of Third Street.

“So we’re going a little bit incrementally,” Durham said. “There’s some semblance of normalcy, I guess.”

Chamber Looking Forward

In related business, Durham asked the board tentatively to reserve Thomas Centennial Park for two events, should conditions on the ground make it possible to hold them:

-- The Cork Screw & Brew, originally scheduled for March 14, then postponed to June 20, then postponed again. The new date, assuming the pandemic is better or at least no worse: Saturday, Nov. 7.

-- And the Taste of Duneland, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5.

Members voted unanimously to approve those dates, contingent on the status of the public health emergency.

Shelter Waiver Form

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to approve a “COVID-19: Requirements, Waiver, and Hold Harmless for Shelter Reservation and Events” form, which anyone reserving a shelter must sign and abide by.

The form largely mirrors the resolution adopted by the Town Council in May regulating “gatherings” on park and municipal property. Among other things, shelter renters must submit 21 days before the date of their event a social-distancing plan if they expect attendance of 25 or more persons.

The form also includes the following provision: “The Town of Chesterton and the Chesterton Park and Recreation Department do not and cannot guarantee that there is no risk of the COVID-19 virus being transmitted among people in and around the shelter/event at _________ Park during the reservation period. The undersigned hereby waives any and all liability and claims against the Town of Chesterton . . . relating in any way to the COVID-19 virus and arising out of this shelter reservation/event.”



Posted 7/8/2020




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