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Doyle: Don't confuse CEDC with the DEDC

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The newly re-established Chesterton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) has not--repeat, not--yet loaned any business in the Downtown any funds for facade improvements.

So Town Manager Bernie Doyle set the record straight at the Town Council’s meeting Monday night.

Doyle said that reports in the community have come to his attention that the CEDC has already awarded loans for facade work. Those reports are inaccurate, Doyle made clear. “We’re still getting the CEDC off the ground and have only just applied for tax exempt status.”

Doyle suggested that folks may be confusing the CEDC with the Duneland Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), the Duneland Chamber of Commerce’s not-for-profit arm. The DEDC, however, makes facade grants available to businesses, Doyle said; the CEDC, when it’s fully up and running, will be making loans.

The purpose of the CEDC is to revitalize the Downtown by making loans to business owners for facade improvements. Loans of up to $5,000 at an interest rate of 2 percent will eventually be available. The loans must be re-paid in full after five years, with two installments per year.

The loan program dates to 1986, when the town received a federal grant, of which $100,000 remains.

As of 2012, the CEDC had awarded 43 loans totaling $533,321.21. The CEDC’s main role in the process is to review loan applications.

Correction on CFD

Also setting the record straight was Fire Chief John Jarka, after one of the Sunday regional papers reported that the Chesterton Fire Department is a “volunteer” department.

In fact, Jarka said, the CFD hasn’t been a volunteer department since the 1970s. On the contrary, it’s a career department staffed by three different 24-hour crews and supplemented by volunteers, Jarka noted.

More Parking

at Splash Pad

In other business, Park Superintendent Bruce Mathias reported that concrete could be poured as soon as this week at Chesterton Park on a pocket parking lot to serve the new splash pad.

The lot--which is being carved out of Chesterton Park property--will have room for nine vehicles, Mathias said.

Town Hall Clock

Meanwhile, Doyle told the council that he will investigate the cost of repairing--or otherwise replacing--the clock outside the town hall, after receiving complaints from residents.

Jarka, for his part, noted that the battery-operated clock appeared to be running okay after he recently replaced the battery, but that on Monday night he noticed it was about an hour slow.

1100N Sidewalk

Member Lloyd Kittredge, R-2nd, took a moment at the end of the meeting to express his satisfaction at the completion of Phase II of the Westchester-Liberty Trail: the continuation of the eight-foot sidewalk along 1100N from the Rosehill Estates subdivision all the way east to South Fifth Street.

“Everything looks great on 1100N,” Kittredge said. “The sidewalk was done in time for the kids to get to school today. It was a very nice job. The timing was great. It looks good.”

“The best part of it,” added President Jim Ton, R-1st, “is that (the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission) paid for 80 percent of it.”

In fact, the town received three separate 80/20 grants from NIRPC totaling $1,074,394. Contractor Walsh & Kelly Inc.’s bid price for the job: $549,049, substantially less than the original estimated construction cost of $700,000.

CFD Street Dance

Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, also took a moment to thank the CFD for another superb edition of its annual Street Dance, which was held on Saturday.

“Nice job on the Street Dance again this year,” he said. “It was well done.”


Posted 8/15/2017




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