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Town Council ratifies new three year garbage contract with Republic

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Chesterton residents will pay no more for refuse and recycling collection in 2018 than they’re paying now, under the new three-year contract with Republic Services (Able Disposal) which the Town Council unanimously ratified at its meeting Monday night.

The schedule of rates:

* In 2018, $15.38, the same monthly rate which folks are paying now.

* In 2019, $15.69, a 2-percent hike.

* In 2020, $16, a second 2-percent hike.

To that monthly rate will be added the usual $1 brush collection fee.

That 2-percent hike in the second and third years of the new contract compares favorably to the 2.5-percent hike which went into effect in the second and third years of the current contract.

Under the terms of the new contract, households will keep their 95-gallon rollaway trash and recycling bins.

Schnadenberg did say that Republic Services has broached the possibility of tweaking the current route schedule--as new outlier subdivisions like Easton Park come on line--so that, for instance, a neighborhood whose garbage has been routinely collected on Mondays might see it collected beginning next year on Tuesdays. His discussions with Republic Services, however, are still in the early stages.

Schnadenberg did say that the current route schedules have been the same since 1992.


In other business, members voted unanimously to create a dedicated revolving loan fund dubbed CHAMP--Chesterton Hometown Assets Maximization Program--to make low-interest loans available to businesses for a variety of improvement projects.

CHAMP is the fruit of the newly revitalized Chesterton Economic Development Company (CEDC), which will be making loans of up to $5,000 to businesses looking to invest in their site, improve infrastructure, or even purchase machinery, noted President Jim Ton, R-1st. “It will be much broader than the old facade program,” he said.

Loans will carry an interest rate of 2 percent and must be repaid in full after five years, with two installments per year.

The old facade program was established in 1987 with a grant awarded to the town by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Since its establishment, the program has loaned a total of $422,321.21 to Chesterton businesses for facade improvements. The program was frozen, though, due to outdated guidelines and applications forms.

The CEDC is currently working on re-codifying those guidelines and re-formatting the applications.

2018 Budget

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on the town’s advertised 2018 budget at its next meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 9.

Auction Results

Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela reported that this year’s municipal auction, held earlier this month, netted a total of $11,686.75.

“That’s lower than previous years,” she said, “but then there wasn’t as much for sale as there usually is.”

Hooked on Art

Ton took a moment at the end of the meeting to congratulate Frontline Foundations Inc. for the fabulous sixth edition of its Hooked on Art festival in Downtown Chesterton on Saturday.

“It was a great Hooked on Art,” he said, “even though it was hot as blazes down on that street.”



Posted 9/26/2017




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