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Town Council okays NIPSCO tree removal on Broadway

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The Chesterton Town Council has approved the removal, by a NIPSCO contractor, of approximately 15 trees at various locations along Broadway.

The trees are all growing into power lines and most of them are an invasive species known as the Bradford pear.

Arbormetrics, NIPSCO’s tree contractor, originally applied for six permits to allow tree trimming and removal. Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg approved two of those permits but wanted Arbormetrics spokesman Dan Pasarelli to make the case for the other four.

The locations in question:

-- Four Bradford pear trees at 907 Broadway, in front of the NIPSCO substation.

-- Two Bradford pear trees and two crabapple trees at 801 Broadway, in front of the Duneland Resale Shop.

-- Four Bradford pear trees in the parking lot of Yesterday’s Treasures, 103 Seventh St.

-- And three Bradford pear trees at 321 Broadway, in front of Ivy’s Bohemia House.

NIPSCO will replace the trees on a one-for-one basis, with species specifically selected by the town, with the following stipulations: that the trees chosen not be invasive species and that they be “smaller frame” trees which grow no larger than 25 feet in height. Whatever trees are selected will already be six to ten feet in height when planted.

Members voted unanimously to approve the removal permits and to refer the selection of trees to the Advisory Tree Board.

Schnadenberg told the council that he wanted Pasarelli to request approval personally. “This way the public will know what’s going on when they see trees being removed along Broadway.”

European Market Extension

In other business, members voted unanimously to approve the request of Duneland Chamber of Commerce President Maura Durham for the extension of this season’s European Market into November.

Per its contract with the town, the European Market was already scheduled to hold two special editions: the Hometown Holiday Market, on Saturday, Nov. 28, as part of Thanksgiving Saturday’s Christmas event; and the Mistletoe Market, on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Durham, however, asked for an amendment to the contract to allow the European Market also to be held on Saturday, Nov. 7, 14, and 21.

“I’m all for extending the Market,” said Member Jennifer Fisher, I-5th. “It’s good for Downtown business. It’s been a tough year for Downtown business.”

Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson said that he will prepare the contract amendment for members’ approval at their next meeting, Monday, Sept. 28.

RIP, Sgt. Don Maloney

Following the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the meeting, Council Member Jim Ton, R-1st, asked attendees to remain standing and observe a moment of silence in memory of Sgt. Don Maloney (ret.) of the Chesterton Police Department, who passed last week.

“Don was a big man in heart,” Ton said. “He was a great asset to this town from the day he was hired, always professional. Don, 10-42.”


Posted 9/15/2/20




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