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Chesterton Town Council passes Sid Augustyn's climate emergency resolution

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The Chesterton Town Council unanimously adopted a resolution declaring a “climate and ecological emergency” at its meeting Tuesday night.

That resolution was brought before the council at its last meeting by Chesterton High School senior Sid Augustyn, a two-term member of the Chesterton Street Committee, who asked members--on behalf of the community’s youth--to make global environmental remediation “at least partly” a “local responsibility.”

The “Climate Emergency Resolution” is similar to seven others already approved by municipalities elsewhere in Indiana. Under the resolution, the council undertakes to do the following:

--Declare “that a climate and ecological emergency is held, at least partly, as a local responsibility.”

--Commit “to working constructively to ensure future goals and plans will be in good consciousness of the climate emergency, and will make future plans to combat this global issue.”

--Ensure that “all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or income can experience the benefits of all goals set in motion and that the Chesterton Town Council commits to declaring and fighting the climate emergency.”

--And establish a “mechanism to ensure the future of ongoing inclusion of young people in the process of creating and executing climate-related policies and actions within the Town of Chesterton.”

On passage of the resolution, a meeting room jammed with members of the public broke into applause.



Posted 11/13/2019




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