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Chesterton Town Council OKs ordinance requiring CO detectors in all new homes

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The Chesterton Town Council has enacted an ordinance requiring the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in all new residential construction.

Members did so unanimously at their meeting Monday night.

That ordinance specifically requires that at least one CO detector be installed per residential unit, in all new Class 2 structures, as defined by Indiana Code: those designed for residential use and having a fireplace, attached garage, or fossil-fuel burning appliance.

A CO detector is defined as a device which detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas and emits an audible alarm of at least 85 decibels at 10 feet and be capable of sounding that alarm for at least four minutes.

Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann told the council that the language of the ordinance mirrors that of another municipality’s which has already been approved on review at the state level. The Town of Chesterton is only the second municipality in the state to enact such an ordinance.

More Paving

In other business, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported that enough CEDIT funds remain in his paving budget to re-surface another road. The next one on his list: South 22nd Street between West Porter Ave. and Union Ave.

The Street Department has already re-paved the following this season: Beverly Drive and Joal Drive, South 20th Street from West Porter Ave. to a point 400 feet south, Union Ave. between 21st and 23rd streets, Iowa Street, and 24th Place.

Schnadenberg noted that one other roadway will be re-paved this year, this project to be funded with tax increment financing money: 200E from the Urschel property south to the Indiana Toll Road.

Sidewalk Waiver Petition

Meanwhile, members referred to staff a petition from William C. Bennett Jr. for a waiver from the Town Standard requiring the installation of a sidewalk in front of all new construction.

Bennett’s building a duplex at 110-12 S. 14th Street, in an old neighborhood without sidewalks.

“It would be a sidewalk to nowhere,” Bennett’s attorney, Terry Hiestand, said. “It’s never going to go anywhere.”

Another Wavier Petition

Members also referred to staff a petition from John Brady, who wants to install a wider driveway at his residence at 1155 Kilarney Road.

Under Town Code, a driveway may be no wider than 25 at its foot, but Brady is seeking to build a driveway 29 feet at its foot to serve a three-car garage.

Plan Commission Appointment

In old business, President Jim Ton, R-1st, exercised his presidential appointment by naming former Town Council member Sharon Darnell to the vacancy on the Advisory Plan Commission.

“All of the applicants presented worthy credentials,” Ton said. “One applicant in particular did so, accordingly I have selected Mrs. Sharon Darnell.”

The vacancy was created by the resignation of Jeff Ton, after work commitments made it impossible for him to continue serving.

Doyle Appointed

Ton also appointed Town Manager Bernie Doyle to the Transit Development District (TDD) Steering Committee, tasked under Indiana Code to establish TDDs around South Shore commuter line stations.

IC provides for one appointment per municipality in which a TDD is to be established.

The TDDs will act like tax increment financing districts to fund the South Shore’s double-tracking project and the West Lake Corridor project.

Taste of Duneland

Members also voted unanimously to approve a contract with the Duneland Business Initiative Group for this year’s edition of the Taste of Duneland festival on Sept. 2 in Thomas Centennial Park.



Posted 7/25/2017






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