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Chesterton Town Council okays 2010 income tax earmarks

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The Chesterton Town Council has earmarked a total of $1,471,159.73 in CEDIT funds for 2010.

At their meeting Monday night, members voted 4-0 to approve a resolution adopting a 2010-11 CEDIT project plan. President Jeff Trout, R-2nd, was not in attendance.

In fact, that plan anticipates total CEDIT moneys available this year of only $1,296,779.82—comprised of $771,514 in 2010 revenues and $525,265.82 in 2009 reserves—leaving a potential shortfall of $174,379.91. But as members noted at a special meeting earlier this month, the total earmarked sum for any given year has never actually been spent.

In any case, the CEDIT Committee was asked by the council to identify those earmarks spending of which can safely be postponed to the fourth quarter, in the event an unexpected emergency or other expense should emerge in the interim.

The earmarks, beginning with the three largest:

•$202,034.33 for paving and sidewalks.

•$140,000 for salaries, FICA, and PERF.

•$140,000 for playground equipment at Dogwood Park.

•A total of $260,000 for economic development: for possible land acquisition, grant matches, the municipal website, streetscape and intersection improvements, town beautification, the construction of a municipal parking lot, and the development of a business incubator.

•$2,500 for equipment for the Building Department.

•$45,000 for the Fire Department for bunker gear and station equipment.

•$20,000 for the Park Department for assorted equipment.

•$139,000 for the Police Department for squads for two new officers, in-car computer upgrades, station improvements, and IDAC fees.

•$85,000 to the Street Department for the Fifth Street sidewalk project, another $20,000 for the first payment on a grapple truck, which the council has in principle agreed to acquire for the Street Department, and $7,500 for tools for Central Services, which maintains the town’s fleet of vehicles.

•$5,000 for legal fees.

•$50,000 for municipal telecommunications and computer gear.

•$20,000 for the Town Manager.

•$30,000 for the ongoing mortgage expense for the former United Tractor facility at 116 N. 15th St. and another $30,000 to purchase office furniture for the new municipal building which could be built on the site later this year.

•$37,000 for repairs to the town hall.

•$20,000 for the town-wide video camera security system.

•$75,000 for an emergency fund.

•$75,000 for public restrooms to be added to the former New York Central passenger depot at 220 Broadway, current home of the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce.

•$22,000 for one-half of the annual payment on the Utility’s new vacuum truck. The Utility pays the other half.

•And $5,625.40 for the Utility for improvements to the Tanglewood II lift station, damaged by the floods of September 2008.

As part of the resolution, the council also approved a proposed 2011 CEDIT project list totaling $1,254,000.



Posted 2/9/2010




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