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Chesterton Town Council asked to make business access east of Indiana 49 more consumer friendly

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There’s probably a lot of folks who were delighted when a Cold Stone Creamery set up shop in what was then the new strip mall on Indian Boundary Road, some years ago.

Those same people probably were stunned when the Cold Stone--after only a few months in business--closed its doors.

For Victoria Brock of Westchester Township, that’s an all-too-common story among the businesses operating along and off Indian Boundary Road east of Ind. 49.

As Brock told the Chesterton Town Council at its meeting Monday night, by her count nearly 20 businesses have failed in that neck of the woods over the years: Schoops, Rob’s Hot Dog, Quiznos, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, west of Ind. 49, there isn’t nearly the turnover, Brock noted.

“I know signage is a problem,” she said. “I’m not here to ask for that. I’m here to ask if there’s some kind of relief.”

But signage isn’t the only problem, Brock told members. “You have to be a local to get to Applebee’s,” she said. “You need a road map. I defy anyone not local to find a way in. And when you do go to a restaurant like Applebee’s, it’s never full. The same with the Sunrise Cafe, Sage, Third Coast.”

Is it possible, Brock wondered, to re-design access to these businesses? “Because it’s really not consumer friendly, it’s really not visitor friendly.”

“I believe these businesses are important to this town,” Brock added. “How can we salvage them? There’s such a variety. Without them, we’re really going to be hurting in Chesterton.”

Members took Brock’s comments under advisement.



Posted 7/31/2014





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