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Chesterton planner George Stone resigns his seat

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George Stone has resigned his seat on the Chesterton Advisory Plan Commission.

Retired, more like.

For 20 years, give or take, Stone has been, if not its conscience exactly, certainly the Plan Commission’s comptroller.

He’s been a champion of connectivity and sidewalks, and an outspoken critic of gated communites. He’s taken delight in holding developers’ feet to the fire, and in playing gotcha on those (rare) occasions when the Chesterton Tribune’s reporter has wandered into error. He’s crusty, obsessed with detail, and possessed of a subtle mind.

Stone, in short, was the rock of the Plan Commission, and he will be missed.

"It’s a great loss,” President Sharon Darnell said on hearing the news of Stone’s resignation at Thursday’s meeting of the Plan Commission. “I’m very sorry to see him go. In my short time serving with him I’ve learned a great deal.”

Gail Murawski, the Plan Commission’s secretary, concurred. “He was always present,” she said. “He always had his i’s dotted and t’s crossed. He was very detail oriented. We’ve worked together for 20 years.”

“I’ll certainly miss George,” planner Tom Kopko said. “He was always present.”

Springdale, Phase I

In the only real order of business on Thursday, planners voted unanimously to approve the secondary plat for Phase I the Springdale planned unit development, located south of 1050N and immediately west of the Abercrombie Woods subdivision, contingent on the receipt of a $447,546.57 infrastructure guarantee and a $142,152.18 sidewalk guarantee.

“Everything is in order” with the developer, Olthof Homes LLC, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the planners. “We worked through some minor details.”

The granting of secondary plat clears the way for the construction of homes.

Phase I is located roughly in the middle of the site, opposite Ritter Street in Crocker. It will be comprised of 21 single-family homes and 12 paired patio homes.

Plat Committee

Members also voted unanimously to appoint Kopko, O’Dell, and planner Fred Owens to a reconstituted Plat Committee, whose sole and infrequent brief is to consider petitions for the subdivision of parcels of fewer than five acres with no road cuts.

The Plat Committee had been scheduled to review a subdivison petition from the developer of the Bell subdivision at the southwest corner of West Porter Ave. and South 15th Street, but at the last moment the developer decided against subdividing right now.



Posted 4/26/2020




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