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BZA to hold 5 public hearings in person Thursday

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The Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals will be the town’s first municipal board to meet in person since the stay-at-home order was issued on April 23.

The BZA will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 28, in what promises to a very long--and very crowded--meeting. Venue to be determined but unlikely to be the town hall due to early voting.

Safety protocols are being discussed but haven’t yet been finalized, Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson told the Chesterton Tribune.

On the BZA’s agenda: five public hearings.

-- BenLew Enterprises is seeking a variance to permit an R-1 use in a B-2 building: the former offices of Winey Insurance at 762 S. Calumet Road. The building was originally constructed as a single-family home more than a century ago.

-- William and Marci Stone, the developers of the Stone Meadow subdivision off 1100N, are seeking a variance to install a six-foot privacy fence on the corner lot at 2017 Terrano Drive. The Zoning Ordinance permits fences no taller than 4.5 fee on corner lots.

-- Jonathan Hicks and Amber Hensell Hicks, the founders of Frontline Foundations Inc., are seeking a variance a variance to allow a second principal structure on their property at 1008 Broadway: specifically the modular building to the north of Frontline’s main offices, which they want to lease. Leasing the modular building would make it a second principal structure. Two ancillary variances would be needed as well, related to the modular building’s distance from the original building and from the rear setback.

-- Barbara Homme is seeking a variance to permit an increase of lot coverage to 34 percent from the maximum of 30 percent. Homme wants to enclose the rear deck of her home at 109 Westchester Ave. and the resulting structure would result in the increase of lot coverage.

-- John Deal is seeking a variance to build an accessory structure--parking for his RV--in the front yard of his home at 1840 S. 11th St.; and another variance to build it 18 inches taller than permitted. Deal told the board at the preliminary hearing that his property is mostly hidden from view by a dense wood line.

There are also three preliminary hearings on the agenda.

Two, at unspecified addresses, are for a variance to increase lot coverage, the third is a petition from BenLew Enterprises LLC for 12 variances related to the remodeling of a B-2 building for R-1 use; most of the variances are related to setbacks, lot coverage, and lot size.


Posted 5/21/2020




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