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911 equipment swap goes live today

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Today is the go-live date for Porter County’s new 911 equipment, Police Chief Dave Cincoski reported at the Chesterton Town Council meeting last night.

The switch comes months after Chesterton and Porter opted to retain an independent 911 dispatch center when County-level officials sought to consolidate 911 calls to a central communication center and upgrade the radio system throughout Porter County.

At that time, Chesterton and Porter took on the cost of the new equipment themselves and remained an independent unit to keep response times low and retain high-quality service to Dunelanders, as Cincoski and Porter Police Chief Jamie Spanier explained in a letter to both Town Councils.

Cincoski reported that there will be no interruption in 911 service while the equipment is being installed and programmed over the next 48 to 72 hours, though the Duneland Dispatch Center will be offline computer-wise.

“Some equipment still has to be programmed to have the two centers communicate,” Cincoski said. “There will be no break in service at all. County 911 will be sending our calls through to our normal business lines. We just won’t have a computer set up at that time.”

“We will not miss our calls,” Cincoski repeated. “I can’t say it enough, if a resident of Chesterton or a visitor through Chesterton calls, we’ll still get their 911 call.”

Cincoski added that the Fire Department will be unaffected by the shift.

Council member Jim Ton, R-1st, commented that staying independent was worth the effort. “We did the right thing when we fought to keep our own communication center here. We stuck to it, and it cost us a little money, but I’m extra glad we stuck to it,” Ton said.


Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg gave an update after the Council took bids for the repaving of S. 11th Street from Park Avenue to 1100N under advisement at its last meeting.

“We reviewed the specs and legal reviewed their part,” he said. “It is our recommendation that we award the contract to Rieth-Riley as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.”

The project is number five of six improvements being funded by Chesterton’s 50/50 match Community Crossings grant. The amount Rieth-Riley proposed and the Council approved: $279,542.25.

The last Community Crossing project is curb replacement on East Morgan Avenue from Coffee Creek Park to Roosevelt Street. The Council will open bids for that project at its next meeting, March 25.

Public Hearing

The Council also passed a resolution re-establishing a Cumulative Capital Development (CCD) fund following a public hearing where no one spoke for or against the measure.

The CCD fund is funded by a dedicated property-tax rate and is used exclusively to acquire emergency vehicles.

The current rate is $0.04 per $100 of assessed valuation, the maximum under Indiana Code. The rate must be re-upped annually, per state law.

Surplus Vehicles

The Council approved Fire Chief John Jarka’s request to deem Engine 512 surplus.

Schnadenberg requested that a 2001 Ford F-550 that the Street Department used as a salt truck over the winter be deemed surplus and requested permission to solicit sealed bids rather than hold onto the truck until the Town auction later this year. The Council obliged.


Posted 3/12/2019




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