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Plan Commission: Duplex rentals eyed for corner of 1100N and 5th Street

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The Chesterton Plan Commission heard new plans for duplex rentals, this time at the northeast corner of 1100N and South Fifth Street across from the Aspen Pines apartments.

Brett Carney of Carney Construction has an offer to purchase the 10-acre property that includes ten lots, on nine of which he hopes to build townhome style duplexes. The property is in an R-2 residential zone. He and attorney Greg Babcock came before the Plan Commission on Thursday for a concept review.

Babcock said the lot sizes would be about 11,000 square feet, which is larger than the 8,000-square foot minimum the town has for duplexes. Each unit would have a two-car garage and driveways with enough space for two additional cars and will be long enough that the cars won’t reach over the sidewalk. Sidewalks are planned for the south and west ends and will connect to the bike trail there, Babcock said.

The development will use an E/1 sewer system to gather sewer and stormwater and pump it north to a manhole, Babcock said. Drainage will be controlled with sheet draining that would exit at Lot 10 to the Pope O’Connor Ditch which has a 75-foot setback on both sides. Carney said he will be responsible for the yard maintenance.

Babcock said they plan to return for a preliminary hearing next month but wanted to field comments from Plan Commission members so they can address issues ahead of time.

Commission President George Stone said he is concerned about having too many road cuts onto South Fifth Street.

“It seems to me the fewer road cuts on Fifth Street the better, from a safety standpoint,” Stone said.

Planner Jim Kowalski said he is more concerned about vehicles backing up on 1100N. “That’s a nightmare now, especially with the school buses,” he said.

Carney said there will be split driveways done between the duplexes to minimize the amount of road cuts. He also spoke with Town Engineer Mark O’Dell who suggested the idea of a ribbon curb that would help with drainage.

Drainage is a large concern for Kowalski and Planner Fred Owens, who asked further questions about sheet draining. Planner Sharon Darnell said to check with the Porter County Stormwater Department about draining into Pope O’Connor Ditch.

Kowalski said the closeness of the lots makes him “very nervous” and there have been flooding issues on 1100N.

“If it is not done right, the water is going to back up to the north. We’re only going to make matters worse and I don’t want to see that,” said Kowalski.

He also asked that soil conditions be looked at given the proximity to the ditch.

New Member

At the start of the meeting, Planner Jeff Trout welcomed Darnell to the Commission. Darnell was appointed to replace Jeff Ton after he relinquished his seat due to changes in his work schedule.

“Sharon and I have worked together on a lot of projects when I was on the Town Council and I guarantee she will be a great asset to the plan commission,” Trout said.



Posted 8/18/2017




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