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Haglund Road trail route eyed at BH RDC

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Board President Kevin Tracy suggested the Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission look further into the possibility of a trail project along Haglund Road at its meeting Wednesday night.

The proposed trail, currently being called the Haglund Trail, would be a pedestrian pathway connecting Food Truck Square to Lakeland Park. Tracy said another eventual goal for the Haglund Trail would be for it to connect with Burns Harbor’s section of the Marquette Greenway Trail near or at Food Truck Square.

The Board has previously discussed the possibility of the new trail, and Karnerblue Consultant Tina Rongers has obtained an estimate of the project from Global Engineering. Rongers offered two next steps for the project: she could prepare a report on how the project would affect the budget and projected cash flow for 2019, assuming the Board wants a 2019 start date, or the Board could hear more about the scope of the project from Global.

Board member Brad Enslen volunteered to coordinate with Tina on the next steps.

Business Incentive Plan

Rongers reported that the business incentive plan is still in the stage where Town officials need to make plans to contact local business owners for their input. Tracy asked who on the Board would be willing to do outreach to local businesses with the goal of finding out what kind of development business owners want to see in Town and what they think of the incentive plan. Board Vice-president Eric Hull and Enslen volunteered to coordinate with Tracy to begin talking to business owners in teams of two.

Food Truck Square

The Board voted to approve a change in its contract with the Duneland Chamber of Commerce for coordinating Food Truck Square. The amendment means that the RDC will be billed directly for security rather than making payments through the chamber. Each FTS event will still require two officers and cost the same amount.

Board member Marcus Rogala suggested that two FTS events be cancelled because they will be understaffed. He predicted the Brews, Blues, and BBQ Fest, scheduled for Sept. 15, and the Badge and You event, scheduled for Aug. 24, will be understaffed based on scheduling conflicts with volunteers, one of which is the fact that he’s moving and won’t be able to help. The Board opted to cancel Brews, Blues, and BBQ and work on incorporating the Badge and You activities into another event.

Other Business

In other business, Hull brought up the fact that there is increased foot traffic on the Ind. 149 bridge near FTS, and he’d like to see updated striping or signs that warn drivers to watch for pedestrians on the stretch of Ind. 49 between U.S. Hwy 12 and U.S Hwy 20. Tracy noted that he has walked across that bridge, and although the shoulder is wide, he would like to see signs as well for added safety. Jeff Oltmanns of Global Engineering was present at the meeting and volunteered to contact INDOT about signage.

Burns Harbor resident Sarah Oudman suggested in a public comment that FTS events be put on the Town calendar on the municipal website. Tracy agreed and said he will work on it. Oudman also suggested that the Town look into wayfinding signs, similar to ones in Portage and Chesterton that direct visitors to major attractions in Town. She said, for example, a sign on U.S. Hwy 20 could direct people to Lakeland Park. Hull asked Oltmanns to add that to his discussion with INDOT about the pedestrian signs.


Posted 6/11/2018




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