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CHS Girls cross county starts Saturday

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Chesterton girls cross country coach Maggie Wolgamot seems a little more at ease this year as the 2017 season begins on Saturday.

Wolgamot was named head coach one day before school started last year and just six days before the first race of the season and now has finally had time to implement her own training schedule as the Trojans head to New Prairie for the NIC Stomp.

“The girls know me better and I know them better,” Wolgamot said. “The excitement of getting better is clearly there for us and they know I’m excited for them. I think that’s palpable. The girls want to be a part of a competitive program. We have to be able to train to compete with the teams in this area.”

A few of the Trojans went to Wolgamot’s old stomping grounds over the summer at a Camp in the Smokey Mountains.

“A few of the girls went to Camp and found out what it’s like to be elite,” Wolgamot said. “I think that will really help.”

Chesterton’s top seven in led by junior Shelby Bullock.

“Shelby really stepped up her summer training,” Wolgamot said. “We only lost two seniors from last year, so our top kids are pretty much all back.”

Junior Kara Krol has found her way into the top seven, as have seniors Rachel Hoffmann and Elizabeth Canright.

A trio of freshmen including Nalani Malackowski, Taylor Edwards and Frances Clancy also have moved their names into the top seven.

“We have a stronger top seven than we did last year and our returning girls are faster than they were last year,” Wolgamot said. “We want to be competitive in the Region. If we do that, we’ll have a chance to get to State.”


Posted 8/18/2017




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