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CHS Boys mix lineup and strategies at Lowell

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Cross country coaches typically see the season through a big picture lens.

Given the present circumstances, there's a greater need to focus on the moment, which Chesterton coach Tim Ray is trying to do, while also keeping the Trojans moving in the right direction.

"We have 10 seniors and we've tried to place them in a varsity race every week," Ray said. "We're stuck between a rock and a hard place. We know, realistically, this could be our last meet, but by the same token, do you sacrifice it for your long-term goals? We're kind of balancing it. We still have some October in the back of our minds."

As it did two weeks ago at Lake Central, Chesterton worked in some seniors who aren't regular varsity racers.

"We gave some seniors an opportunity to race varsity who haven't," Ray said. "At Lake Central, we were able to place a couple. Most of the kids who ran varsity today had SATs when we were there. Our focus is on trying to get all of them at least one race, so they get to experience of wearing that uniform that they usually don't get."

Ray stopped short of calling the race a tempo run for his team, which was led by Matthew Streeter (13th, 17:29.2). Cole Dolson (17th), Jackson Tuck (18th) and Josh Dennington (19th) also made the top 20 with Josh Tuck and Evan O'Connor in a virtual dead heat, followed by Ryan Schlyer (35th).

"I thought the three seniors we put in, Brendan (Hoch), Sam (Haughington), and Ryan did a really good job for their first varsity experience. The pace was a little quicker than they're used to, and they handled it well. I don't want to say we used it as a workout. The other guys in the group just helped them along."

Crown Point continued to run the show locally, its modest 34 points lapping the field. Lake Central was a distant second (79), with Munster third (90) and LaPorte fourth (92) and Chesterton fifth (94).

"We know these are the guys we're going to end up seeing at New Prairie, some at sectionals, regionals, semistate, knock wood that we get there," Ray said. "We know where we have to be, and try to help some other guys along the way."

With 2019 state runner-up Lucas Guerra not running (soreness), LaPorte's Cole Raymond took advantage, checking in at 16:06.7.

Bob Thomas Invitational


Team Results

1. Crown Point, 34; 2. Lake Central, 79; 3. Munster, 90; 4. LaPorte, 92; 5. Chesterton, 94; 6. Portage, 155; 7. Lowell, 164; 8. Wheeler, 228; 9. Highland, 281.

Individual Results

1. Cole Raymond (LP), 16:06.7; 2. Cole Simmons (CP), 16:32.6; 3. Sam Bell (LP), 16:34.9; 4. Anthony Saberniak (CP), 16:49.2; 5. Ari Arzumanian (M), 16:56.7.

Chesterton finishers: 13. Matthew Streeter, 17:29.2; 17. Cole Dolson, 17:33.5; 18. Jackson Tuck, 17:36.6; 19. Josh Dennington, 17:37.5; 27. Josh Tuck, 17:51.8; 28. Evan O’Connor, 17:51.8; 35. Ryan Schlyer, 18:10.5; 56. Brendan Hock, 18:44.8; 77. Sam Haughtington, 23:04.1.

Junior Varsity

Team Results

1 Lake Central, 42; 2. Chesterton, 45; 3. Crown Point, 67; 4. LaPorte, 82; 5. Lowell, 164; 6. Munster, 168; 7. Portage, 194.

Individual Results

1. Weston Hulen (CP), 17:44.5; 2. Reece Erow ©, 18:09.3; 3. Max Welbourne ©, 18:16.9; 4. Drew McGrath (LC), 18:28.1; 5. Ethan Mohoi ©, 18:29.4.

Other Chesterton finishers: 12. Bobby Berger, 18:54.2; 23. Trevor Arlington, 19:32.4; 26. Ian Rutherford, 19:43.3; 28. Francis Fox, 19:49.6; 36. Matthew Long, 20:04.7; 41. Tyler Herzog, 20:14.4; 43. Vince Fox, 20:21.1; 46. Drew Carpenter, 20:24.9; 52. David Mcgrogan, 20:39.7; 55. Preston Throw, 20:47.2; 57. William Nowicki, 21:02.8; 58. Oliver Wilgocki, 21:04.2; 67. Owen Daugherty, 21:22.6; 70. Ethan Wodrich, 21:48.9; 73. AJ Tolin, 21:52.3; 80. Nathan Keel, 22:27.9; 81. Brayden Mercier, 22:28.1; 95. Ethan Kroft, 23>48.3; 99. Gage Wimmer, 24:27.0.




Posted 9/14/2020




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