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Chesterton Girls XC wins; Bailey Ranta 2nd at Bob Thomas Invitational

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Don't look now, but with its combination of front runners and developing depth, Chesterton girls cross country is establishing itself as the local team to beat.

"I'm just as new to it as them with being in the upper tier," Trojans coach Lindsey Moskalick said after Saturday's unofficial win at the Bob Thomas Invite. "It was a good step in the right direction. We had a really strong performance last week at Marion. I think the girls are finally starting to believe this can be a good season for them, believing in the training, believing in themselves and running the best that they can. It's just getting their confidence with each workout, each race. We can talk to them all day long about how good they are, but until they believe it and start doing it, it's a different game."

No trophies were awarded, though scoring was kept and the Trojans checked in with 61 points, followed by Wheeler (80) and Lake Central (94).

"At this point, less is more as far as coaching goes," Moskalick said. "I'm proud of each race we get, seeing how much we're improving and enjoying it while out there. Every day's a blessing."

Chesterton put three in the top 10 with runner-up Bailey Ranta, Catherine White (eighth) and Bree Gentry (ninth). Freshman Ciara Bonner was a strong fourth in 15th with Alyssa Dunlap 27th.

"Bailey and Bre have experience from last year, Catherine is starting to learn, and Ciara's not too far behind Bree, and then Alyssa," Moskalick said. "Each race, they're learning, trying to figure out, perfect their racing strategies so when they get to the post-season and it really matters, they'll know what they're doing when the gun goes off."

In the first meeting of the area's top trio of individuals, Lowell's Karina James left no questions, striding to the line in 18:27.6. Ranta was next at 18:43.8 with Orosz third in 19:22.6.

"Bailey knows what she wants to accomplish and knows the post-season is what she's really focusing in on," Moskalick said. "I'm sure she took away some things she learned from the race and will use them when we race Lowell and all the other teams again."

Ranta had mixed reviews on her performance.

"I was somewhat pleased," she said. "I was kind of hoping I would be a little bit closer to Karina. She's a really good competitor. She really pushes me. I hope I can do better the next time. I knew she was going to (surge) at some point. I kind of had the feeling she was going to do it at the two-mile. I was going to prepare to go with her, but I should've had a closer distance between us. I knew I had some energy left. I'm going to be more prepared (next time). I know what I can do next week to improve. I just have to push myself harder."

Bob Thomas Invitational


Team Results

1. Chesterton, 61; 2. Wheeler, 80; 3. Lake Central, 84; 4. Crown Point, 95; 5. Lowell, 104; 6. LaPorte, 120; 7. Portage, 171; 8. Highland, 206; 9. Munster, 229.

Individual Results

1. Karina James (LO), 18:27.6; 2. Bailey Ranta , 18:43.8; 3. Hailey Orosz (W), 19:22.6; 4. Brenna Sobecki (LP), 19:39.9; 5. Ella Bensz (LP), 19:40.9.

Other Chesterton finishers: 8. Catherine White, 19:50.6; 9. Bree Gentry, 20:10.3; 15. Ciara Bonner, 20:31.8; 27. Alyssa Dunlap, 20:50.5; 31. Mckenna Handley, 21:10.2; 38. Liz Hibshman, 21:39.2; 45. Frances Clancy, 22:04.3; 46. Addison Leady, 22:05.3; 48. Nalani Malackowski, 22:07.3.

Junior Varsity

Team Results

1 Lake Central, 40; 2. Chesterton, 44; 3. Crown Point, 60; 4. LaPorte, 72; 5. Highland, 177; 6. Munster, 177; 7. Lowell, 182.

Individual Results

1 Isabelle Martisek (LC), 21:53.1; 2. Marie Weber (LC), 21:54.3; 3. Allie Hopkins (CP), 21:55.4; 4. Madison Trumbo , 22:01.7; 5. Bella Smith, 22:10.3.

Other Chesterton finishers: 6. Grace Carpenter, 22:17.9; 9. Emma Brown, 22:42.3; 20. Olivia Kozak, 23:24.8; 25. Abri Rodriguez, 23:37.6; 27. Mal Morrison, 23:46.4; 29. Coryn Rodriguez, 23:57.9; 31. Maddie Burns, 24:02.4; 32. Rachel Cohen, 24:05.2; 34. Kaitlyn Van Kley, 24:09.6; 37. Alissa Capehart, 24:21.5; 47. Sydney Szabo, 24:48.6; 64. Justyne Phillips, 25:34.1; 70. Jordan Huneryager, 26:31.4; 71. Madison Wunderlin, 26:40.6; 72. Sophie Arthur, 26:41.8; 77. Chloe Wisniewski, 27:48.6.




Posted 9/14/2020




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