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Chesterton boys XC fourth at Lake Central

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Runners thrive on a routine, and the stretch of days leading up to Saturday's Rudy Skorupa Invitational at Lake Central were anything but routine for Chesterton's boys cross country team.

“It was a brutal week for everybody,” Trojans coach Tim Ray said. “It's cooler, but they still felt the effects of the heat. School started. Half of them were in school, half of them were out of school. We're going back and forth. Can we use the locker room? Can we not use the locker room? It's been crazy.”

It only figured that the race wouldn't be routine for the Trojans either. A team with three returning runners from its state-qualifying squad was minus one of its top runners (Matthew Streeter) and another member of its top 12 (Lucas Vinet) as both had to take the SAT on Saturday.

"We had two guys (Ethan Woodrich and Nathan Keel) who had never run a varsity race," two seniors, so it was a little bone for them," Ray said. "They've put three solid years in, here's a chance to wear a varsity uniform, to experience that. It was good for them to get to run that race."

Cole Dolson (11th, 17:20) led the way for the Trojans, followed by Josh Dennington (18th, 17:42), freshman Evan O'Connor (24th, 17:52), Josh Tuck (29th, 17:59) and Jackson Tuck (33rd, 18:17). Woodrich and Keel were 65th and 66th.

"(Dennington) has progressed," Ray said. "He was eight-nine last year, so he didn't run in the post-season. We figured he'd be in the middle (of the lineup), a contributor. He's made some good strides since spring, moving forward. One of the guys back was a freshman, so realistically we only have two guys back with a lot of experience. For some, it's still a learning experience. They’re just doing what everybody else does.”

Chesterton finished fourth among seven teams with 109 points, trailing Crown Point (39), Lake Central (63) and La Porte (88).

"As we finally get settled in and move from this to next week, to the week after, we'll get a really good feel of where we're at," Ray said. "I know it's a little cliche, but the kids are just happy be to out here, happy to run, happy to compete."

The day was originally supposed to be open for Chesterton, but with the uncertainty that lies ahead and the schedule already having been affected by COVID-19 concerns, Ray chose to get in the meet.

"We were supposed to be off this week," he said. "One of our meets later on was canceled, the JV can't run next week at Marian and we want to get the JV as many opportunities as we can. We still don't know what's going to happen at New Prairie. Are we going to have reserve races?"

Highland's Lucas Guerra, the 2019 state runner-up, won the race in 15:51.

The race course was altered with the finish coming on the track in the football stadium to allow for spectators. Originally, fans were not going to be permitted due to the close quarters of the regular course.

Luke Skorupa Invite


Team Results

1. Crown Point, 39; 2. Lake Central, 63; 3. LaPorte, 88; 4. Chesterton, 109; 5. Munster, 120; 6. Illiana Christian, 126; 7. Portage, 179.

Individual Results

1. Lucas Guerra (H), 15:51.0; 2. Quinton Bock (CP), 16:22.0; 3. Cole Simmons (CP), 16:37.0; 4. Sam Bell (LP), 16:40.0; 5. Brady Vroom (IC), 16:44.0; 6. Justin Van Prooyen (IC), 16:47.0; 7. Cole Raymond (LP), 16:52.0; 8. Zakaria Mohiuddin (LC), 16:56.0; 9. Ari Zrzumanian (M), 17:05.0; 10. Anthony Saberniak (CP), 17:12.0.

Chesterton finishers: 11. Cole Dolson, 17:20.0; 18. Josh Dennington, 17:42.0; 24. Evan O’Connor, 17:52.0; 29. Josh Truck, 17:59.0; 33. Jackson Truck, 18:17.0; 40. Ethan Mohoi, 18:42.0; 44. Reece Erow, 18:52.0; 47. Billy Clinkert, 18:55.0; 65. Ethan Wodrich, 22:25.0; 66. Nathan Keel, 22:30.0.

Junior Varsity

Team Results

1 Lake Central, 33; 2. LaPorte, 59; 3. Chesterton, 67; 4. Crown Point, 74; 5. Munster, 148; 6. Portage, 184; 7. Highland, 203.

Individual Results

1. Tyler Troy (LP), 18:38.0; 2. Dylan Dieringer (LC), 18:43.0; 3. Ryan Schlyer ©, 18:50.0; 4. Austin Wojcik (LC), 18:51.0; 5. Dylan Lopez (LC), 18:51.0.

Other Chesterton finishers: 6. Max Welbourne, 18:56.0; 11. Bobby Breger, 19:12.0; 23. Trevor Arlington, 19:52.0; 36. Matthew Long, 20:30.0; 37. Vince Fox, 20:33.0; 39. David McGrogan, 20:37.0; 41. Drew Carpenter, 20:49.0; 44. Oliver Wilgocki, 21:02.0; 46. Tyler Herzog, 21:04.0; 49. Francis Fox, 21:07.0; 52. William Nowicki, 21:18.0; 59. Owen Dougherty, 21:41.0; 61. AJ Tolin, 21:43.0; 65. Preston Throw, 21:59.0; 68. Brayden Mercier, 22:06.0; 83. Ethan Kroft, 23:11.0; 94. Gage Wimmer, 24:47.0; 101. Owen Rutherford, 26:10.0; 105. Hunter Ellis, 28:11.0.




Posted 8/31/2020




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